How Do You Get to Red Rocks?

photo credit: Nicki Bult Lamprecht

There’s an old joke…

A tourist in New York stops a guy on the street and says, “Hey, how do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

And the guy replies, “Practice, practice, practice…”

Last week I got to perform on stage at Red Rocks Amphitheater, to a crowd of somewhere in the neighborhood of 6,000 people.

Well, me — and 300 of my closest friends. …

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The State of Marketing 2019

I was wandering around the Ellie Caulkins Opera House last week, moving from stage to stage at the Denver Digital Summit, a conference for digital marketers, and I decided to swing through the VIP lounge to see if there were any cookies.

Not sure how exactly — maybe because I’m a many-times alumnae of the conference? — but I always get a free upgrade to VIP, and the lounge has free snacks and drinks throughout the conference.

No cookies at that point, but as I was passing through, I saw Seth Godin …

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Beyond the Slide Deck: Everything ELSE You Need for a Successful Webinar

You’re planning a webinar to add new subscribers to your email list, to promote an affiliate offer, or to sell your latest and greatest thing.

You’ve got a gorgeous slide deck, you’ve practiced your presentation and your pitch is on point.

You’ve even tested your tech extensively and made sure there will be no gremlins interrupting you on webinar day.

But delivering a successful webinar goes way beyond having a pretty slide deck, an interesting presentation, and a strong pitch.

In fact, there’s a TON of additional content you need to create to support …

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The Case of the $300,000 Email

Still wondering what the ROI of blogging and email newsletters might be? One of our clients discovered the massive value consistent content marketing had for their business, and the importance of authentic …

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