are you focused on tactics or strategy?

Are You Focused on Tactics or Strategy? The Goal is Strategic Execution

There’s a continuum of action for business. (And life, but we’re really only talking business here.)

On the one end is strategy. It’s cerebral. It’s thinky. It requires many post-it notes and paper and books and maybe my favorite, a bullet journal.

At the other end is tactics. These are the actual things you do: the Tweets, the emails, the podcast, the webinar, the Facebook Live, the in-person networking meeting, the price setting, the sales-page writing, etc. etc. etc.

And somewhere in the middle the rubber meets the road. It’s where the big strategy …

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Stop Acting Like You Know How to Do Email

Email is dead. Long live email. 

This is an ongoing debate in online marketing. 

Not only are we swamped by more email, we have a lot more other things competing for our attention. 

Plus, Google is giving the consumer tools to filter out a lot of those emails in the promotional tabs. 

But people still overwhelmingly say that if they want to hear from a company, they want to hear from you via email. 

So email is not dead. 

But it is changing. 

Because it’s not that people have stopped using email. It’s that they’re sick of …

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How Do You Want to Lead?

I’m not particularly woo. But I do believe that when the universe sends you a message, you should try to listen.

An example: When I was going through a rough quarter-life crisis while living in Southern California, I went to our apartment pool, and I was feeling super self conscious about how my body looked in my bathing suit. I was worried about my pale skin, my belly that wasn’t bikini ready, my thick thighs.

And then this man walked into the pool area, sat down on a deck chair, and took off …

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