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Have You Outgrown Your Topic?

As a content strategist and content writer, I see and hear a lot of different reasons why people struggle to create their own copy.

Sometimes they don’t have any ideas…Sometimes they have too many ideas…Sometimes they just don’t have time to turn their ideas into reality…

And one thing I often hear is that they’ve just grown tired of talking about their topic. They feel like they’ve said everything there is to say (sometimes many, many times!).

They’re burned out talking about the topics they think they need to talk about …

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Can You Outsource Thought Leadership?

A fellow business owner said to me recently, “I need somebody to drag the IP (intellectual property) out of me.”

We were talking about thought leadership, intellectual property, and the problem so many of us have making the time and space to do the deep work to actually tease our good ideas out and bring them to life in the real world.

My friend had some important insight into this problem, because she’s been feeling it acutely. She felt, like most of us, that client work had to come first — …

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Lack of Attention to This “Big Rock” in Your Business is Costing You

You’ve probably heard the metaphor.

If you have a container, and you have some sand, pebbles, and big rocks, what order should you add them in order to get the most material into the container?

If you add the sand first, there won’t be any room for the rocks. If you start with the pebbles, you can fill in the crevices with sand, but there won’t be any room for the big rocks.

But if you put the big rocks in first, then you can add the pebbles, and then the sand, to …

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The Vital Ingredient We’re Missing to Create Quality Content

I often talk about the benefits of high quality content over a high quantity of content.

But what we don’t always talk about is the time it can take to craft high quality content.

And I’m actually not even talking about the time to write the blog post, record the podcast, shoot the video, or take the perfect IG selfie.

Because of course you can outsource the actual content creation with a service like ours — but the reality is that if you’re truly creating leadership marketing content, you still have to …

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