RIP Facebook and IG, but TikTok is different… over a photo of the letters RIP on, presumably, a headstone.

RIP Facebook and IG, but TikTok is different…

What’s the difference between “traditional” social media (I literally can’t say that without the irony quotes around it…) and TikTok?

It’s all about the algorithm, baby.

OK, here’s the deal:

The OG social networks, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, run on a social graph. At their base, these apps are networks, in that (in theory at least) you follow someone in order to see their content. They’ve started adding suggested posts from people you don’t follow, but at its most basic, these …

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Creating a Meow Wolf-Inspired Marketing Strategy

On our trip to Santa Fe a couple of weeks ago, we visited the original Meow Wolf. If you’re not familiar, Meow Wolf is an immersive and interactive art and story experience. There are locations in Santa Fe, Denver, and Las Vegas now. 

For example, the Santa Fe experience is called “House of Eternal Return,” and when you walk in, you literally see a two-story Victorian house complete with a wraparound porch, a TV on in the living …

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A black and white image of an alarm clock and a printed calendar. A red bar is superimposed over them with the title of the post.

Why Pre-Written Content Calendars Don’t Work (and What to Do Instead)

I was googling recently to see what kind of content is out there around how to create a content calendar, and I got an ad for something that offers “525,000+ pre-written posts” in a content calendar.

Um. Whut.

Let’s leave aside the fact that, if you were to use one of those posts per day, that’s more than 1,400 YEARS worth of content… (Why does anyone need that much?)

And instead focus on the fact that pre-written content calendars rarely work the way you might want them to — and why.

Pre-written content calendars sound …

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5 Elements to Include in Your Brand Voice Guidelines (So It Really Sounds Like You)

Before you try to outsource any marketing or copywriting for your business, one of the most important foundational pieces you need are brand voice guidelines or a brand voice style guide. Yet it’s a piece I almost always find that my clients are missing.

If you intend to let anyone else speak for your brand — be that a team member or a contractor — it’s important to take that extra step to start defining your brand voice so that they can do so more easily.

And, side note: if you’ve …

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