Who Do You Need on Your Content Team?

Let’s play a game.

Imagine you’re in a position to hire your dream content team to outsource some or all of your content marketing…

Who do you hire?

OK, I don’t mean the person, necessarily, but what are the roles you need to hire?

The answer is… it depends!  It depends on what you need and the skills of the people you hire. But I thought it would be helpful to talk about some of the roles you might want to …

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When is it Time to Outsource Your Content?

It took me, literally, years to decide to hire a cleaning service for my home.

I felt guilty about it for a whole host of reasons. I thought, “I’m home literally all day, every day. Why can’t I get this done?”

But the truth was, I was struggling to run a business, run a household, and raise a child all at once. (IMAGINE THAT!) I didn’t expect my husband to come home from work every day and just do chores, but I was expecting it of myself. (To be clear, he didn’t expect that …

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How to Get Back On Track with Content Marketing

When I ask business owners what their biggest struggle with content is, the number one answer I get is: CONSISTENCY.

And I get it; especially when you’re a solopreneur, or wearing the hat of “marketing director” on top of all your other hats, it’s easy for weekly content creation and distribution to fall off your to do list. It’s often in that “important but not urgent” box, if you’re familiar with Stephen Covey’s work, and falls behind whatever urgent tasks pop up in your inbox every day.

If you find yourself in …

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