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No. 246: The Case of the Cold Launch

The Client

Brigitte Lyons is the founder of Podcast Ally, a PR firm that specializes in getting clients booked on podcasts.

The Problem

Brigitte was transitioning her business from a more standard PR firm (B Think Forward) to a podcast-focused PR firm, and had been “beta testing” her new podcast PR offer behind the scenes with a few initial clients. She was ready to tell her audience and the world that Podcast Ally was open for business — but during her transition, she had pretty much stopped communicating with her existing audience.

No …

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Go from Overwhelmed to Excited for Your Next Launch With the Launch Content Checklist

I’ve got a confession to make:

I’m a HUGE nerd.

Maybe that’s not a surprise to you.  I’m a word nerd (obviously) and a more traditional nerd (DOCTOR WHO! HARRY POTTER! STAR TREK! X-FILES!), but I’m also a total nerd about content marketing.

So it’s kind of no surprise that one of my first Strategy Session clients told me after I delivered her report, “It’s like you just handed a gourmet recipe to a novice cook.”


I had geeked out a little TOO much. Luckily, a Strategy Session is full service, and my …

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How Much Content Do You Need for a Successful Launch?

How Much Content Do You Need for a Successful Launch?

Just for fun, I thought I’d go back and tally up how many words I wrote for a launch I supported at the end of 2019. It added up to be something like this:

Sales page 6,200 wordsChallenge landing page 450 wordsAffiliate information 2,000Challenge video outlines 3,000Webinar landing page 300 wordsUpsell/downsell page 1,000 words7 upsell emails 4,000 words6 downsell emails 3,700 words46 challenge and launch emails 20,158 words

That’s more than 40,000 words to support ONE launch.

This launch was extremely profitable (something around the neighborhood of 80% profit rate). They brought …

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7 Common Questions About SEO and Content

Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) go hand in hand like chocolate and peanut butter. And I often get questions from clients and potential clients about how SEO fits into their overall content strategy.

This used to throw me for a bit of a loop — because I am NOT an SEO expert. So I hired Meg Casebolt of Love at First Search to join our team, and she’s taught me a TON about how content marketing and SEO can make beautiful music — and results — together.

Here are …

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