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3 Surprising Reasons Why Launches REALLY Fail

Launching is stressful — we all know that. And it’s stressful because we know that the launch might “fail”…

But why do launches fail?

When we look at the data, it’s easy to chalk it up to numbers problems.

I can look at the numbers a business went into a launch with and show them where their launch “failed.”

Maybe they didn’t have enough people in their audience.

Maybe they had a particular piece of content (like a landing page, sales page) that wasn’t convincing enough and therefore didn’t convert people well.

Maybe they didn’t have …

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Don’t Just Sell the Pole

My therapist and I have joked that I’d really like to pole vault over all the tricky stuff and just arrive at wholeness and peace.

I mean, who wouldn’t right?

(And doing so is about as likely as me *actually* pole vaulting over anything in real life.)

But I recently realized that I am very much not alone in this desire — because EVERYBODY is trying to sell me a pole!

Over the last couple of months, I joined a bunch of Facebook groups for business owners where members are allowed to …

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3 Ways to Drive Organic (as in FREE) Traffic to Your Business

Here’s the sad truth: we could write the best blog post ever written, but if nobody sees it, it won’t do your business any good.

*sad trombone*

Every business needs traffic that it can convert to leads, which can be converted to sales.

Creating amazing content is step one, but you need to be able to use that content to drive traffic in order to drive leads and sales.

And there are two kinds of traffic: free and paid.

Which one should you use? They both have their place and can play …

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Facing the Fear of Thought Leadership

I remember reading some writing advice once (though I cannot remember who said it — ping me if you know) that said: when writing you should aim to make yourself laugh, make yourself cry, make yourself feel something, and you’ll make your reader feel that, too.

It’s good advice. But what do you do when the feeling you feel is… fear?

(And, just to be clear, we’re not talking about writing horror or a thriller!)

When you step into the role of “thought leader” with your content, at first it feels fine …

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