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How to Build Consistency With Your Content

Last week I talked about WHY consistency with your content is important — and why being inconsistent could be a big problem for your business.

But HOW do you actually start being more consistent with your content?

Consistency is a habit, and like so many habits, it’s something you build over time. Here are some tips for making it easier.

Start small. Smaller than that. No, even smaller.

B.J. Fogg, author of Tiny Habits, has been studying habits for years, and he says that the most effective way to build or change …

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The Problem with Inconsistent Content

When I ask my audience what they struggle with most when it comes to content creation (as any good marketer does!), one of the top answers is always: consistency.

Sometimes it’s a matter of not having enough time to create content consistently.

Sometimes it’s more about not having the right ideas, or feeling like you’ve said it all before.

And, very often it’s a sense that their content isn’t working anyway (and they don’t know what to do to fix it), so they prioritize other work (read: procrastinate) and struggle to remain …

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Why Your Business Needs a Strategic Editorial Calendar

Every year, the Content Marketing Institute produces a report that broadly outlines what sets successful marketers apart from those who are less successful.

This year (and nearly every year previously, TBH) the report showed that four out of five top performers use an editorial calendar. Only half of the least successful marketers surveyed do.

And four out of five successful content marketers can’t be wrong!

But here’s the thing: you’re a solo-entrepreneur, and you’re not a marketer. Not by profession, anyway.

And you don’t want to be counted as one of …

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How to Make List Building Less Exhausting

I witnessed a conversation happening between two dear friends of mine recently. Both are coaches and course creators, and both were just finishing up launches of their latest things. One lamented that she was seeing a lot of unsubscribes lately and the other agreed.

“It’s reminding me that list building needs to be an ongoing thing and that feels exhausting.”

“It does feel exhausting. Like yet another thing I need to do when there are already too many things to do.”

There are 3 phases of business for most coaches and course creators:

List …

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