6 Digital Marketing Content Types That Will Make Money in 2023

The marketing industry is full of content ideas; ask anybody selling marketing services what kinds of content you should create, and you probably won’t be able to get them to shut up about it!

But most of these lists of ideas don’t tell you WHY you should use a particular type of content, WHEN you should employ it, or HOW it can add value to your business.

The truth is, some types of content marketing will deliver more ROI for your business than …

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Where Does Blogging Fit in a Zero-Click World?

Social media rewards and promotes content that keeps users on their platforms; they are businesses and we (the users) are their product. They make money the more people they can get scrolling their feeds, and they actively lose money when someone clicks away to an outside link — like a blog post.

So where does blogging fit in a zero-click world? How do we promote our blogs or other long form content when our distribution and promotion channels actively dissuade us from linking to it?


The answer is not …

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What Are You Really Asking For? Marketing Lessons From Indian Matchmaker 

by Marie Schnoor

So, a few members of the CDA team (we’re not naming any names) have become a little obsessed with the Netflix show, Indian Matchmaker. If you haven’t watched it, first of all, why not? And second of all, here’s the pitch: The show follows singles looking for love with the help of a trained professional. After growing tired of the dating scene either here in the States or in India, clients reach out to professional matchmaker Sima Taparia.

Last week, we talked about how some of what …

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Choose One Proposal: What Indian Matchmaker Has to Teach Us About Content Marketing

by Monica Herald

The other week, I binged all of Indian Matchmaker on Netflix. If you’re not familiar with the show, it first aired in July 2020, and the second season dropped a couple weeks ago.

In Season One, the show follows Sima Taparia, an Indian matchmaker, as she attempts to match clients in her database. (Spoiler, the only successful match isn’t one she makes!)

Season Two is pretty similar, but some of the people it follows, such as Aparna, aren’t working with any matchmaker at all.

I really don’t like reality tv …

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