Asking How to Create a Sustainable Content Plan is the Wrong Question

I’ve been hearing variations on a question pop up lately: How do I create a sustainable content marketing plan?

Or, how do I create content consistently and sustainably?

And I understand where this question comes from. As business owners, we have more channels than ever on which we can distribute our content — but that means it feels like we’re constantly in content debt to those channels, owing them something new, something deep and meaningful, something witty and smart.

It’s exhausting! And it can be easy to burn out.

I’ve seen it so many times …

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5 Top Tips to Build a Business Blog Content Calendar

Like anything worth doing, it pays to have a PLAN for your content marketing before you start creating content — and a blog content calendar for your business can be exactly that plan, a roadmap to help you create content that actually helps move you toward your business goals.

What is a blog content calendar?

Let’s start at the very beginning. It’s a very good place to start.

A blog content calendar is exactly what it says on the tin: a calendar that helps you see and plan exactly what content you will …

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Chasing Likes? Why You Shouldn’t Mistake “Likes” for Influence

Engagement is the holy grail of content marketing. But it may not always be what we think.

I remember hearing an influencer say that her “metric” when writing posts was that she wanted someone to comment and say:

👆THIS! 👆

If she got a comment like that (or more than one) she knew she’d done her job.

She measured her success by engagement — but not just any old engagement, not just views or likes, but an expression from someone that she had touched them, that she’d touched a nerve, that she’d touched something …

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5 Steps to Build Consistency With Your Content Marketing

When I ask what people struggle with most with content marketing CONSISTENCY is always one of the top challenges people name.

People always want me to tell them how often they should be blogging, how long their blogs should be, how often they should email their list, how much they should be posting to social media…

And I think the REAL question they want to ask is,

“What’s the minimum I can get away with?”

But that’s the wrong question.

I’m NOT going to tell you exactly how many …

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