The Nuclear Option in the 🐮💩 Wars

One of my favorite tech essayists, Cory Doctorow, wrote a great essay recently making a prediction about one effect AI is likely to have.

(I suggest you read it! But I’ll summarize.)

In it, he details how he used a “plausible sentence generator” (an AI large language model tool) to write a letter of complaint to an airline and make it sound like it came from a lawyer.

The idea of a letter like that is that it signals the recipient, “I’m willing to pay an expensive lawyer just to write this …

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Identify Your Blog Blocks and Stop Your Lead Leaks with a Content Web

If you’ve been in the online business world for more than a minute, I’m sure you’ve heard of a content funnel.

It typically looks like this:

You start with a piece of content that is interesting to your ideal customer
the call to action from that piece of content is to opt-in for a free resource
then they get into an email automation or a landing page that delivers the resource and explains the paid offer, with a call to action to learn more
which directs them either to a sales page or a sales …

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content upcycling for business

Your Old Marketing Content is Costing Your Business Money — Here’s How to Fix It

According to a survey conducted by ReferralRock, 94% of the expert marketers surveyed repurpose their content — do you?

Repurposed content saves time and money over creating all new content, serves up a higher ROI, and sends more leads and traffic to your business. You can use content you already have to create engaging, evergreen blog articles that will get you more traffic and leads to your business.

But let’s be real: it can feel like a real time suck and a hassle.

UNLESS you use my Upcycle Workflow that turns content …

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