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lacy boggsOnline entrepreneurs are content machines, churning out blog posts, webinars, live video, ebooks, white papers, podcasts and more — but almost as quickly as it’s published, that content is forgotten.

That’s because, often, there’s no strategy tying everything together to ensure that every piece of content leads down the path to a sale, and there’s no plan to make the most of the content once it’s produced.

  • But what if you could maximize all that content you’ve produced and use it to its full potential?
  • What if you could increase your leads by as much as 300%?
  • What if you could feel confident that every piece of content you produce is building your business?

We create bespoke content marketing strategy for online entrepreneurs and then provide services to help you execute on that strategy.

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Would you rather:

  • Let’s create a comprehensive marketing plan — from establishing goals and metrics to creating a content calendar that lists exactly what needs to be created every single week (and why). 

  • Our team can implement as much of your content writing as you choose, from blog posts and emails all the way down to Instagram captions and tweets. Our specialty is going undercover as you so that your audience need never know. 

Recent Posts

  • This Isn’t a Good Use of My Time

    Many, many years ago, I had a terrible boss. 

    Remember that book/movie “The Devil Wears Prada”? She was like that, but without the redemptive story arc.

    And one of her favorite phrases to say to me when I didn’t somehow psychically anticipate her every need was, “This isn’t a good use of my time.” 

    At that time of my young life, it drove me crazy. I thought she was just an entitled asshole who liked lording her power over me. And… she was. 😉

    But at some point you get it.

    When people start taking advantage …

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  • When Thought Leadership is Your Most Important Role

    At the Run Like Clockwork event a few weeks ago, Mike Michalowicz had us do an interesting exercise to try to identify our most important role in our business.

    He asked us to write out several roles on sticky notes, and then one by one, we were told to eliminate those roles — not delegate them or train someone else, but completely eliminate them — until there was only one role left.

    Believe me, there was a lot of internal debate and hand-wringing going on for a lot of people!

    When it came …

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  • When are You Deciding vs. Delegating

    “I do a 15-20 minute video broadcast that I pay to have transcribed for them, provide all the content direction, find all the links and ask my community for input and feedback to be quoted…. aka all the research. Then I provide clarifying feedback for them to rework the content when it’s not hitting home and I’m still not jazzed by the outcome.”

    This is what my colleague told me when she was talking about outsourcing her content. She is paying a pretty penny for someone to help her and take …

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  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Newsletters (But Were Afraid to Ask)

    With the new GDPR privacy regulations taking effect not only in the E.U. but for businesses worldwide who might do business with residents of the EU, many digital marketers are starting to rethink their lead generation strategy.

    For one thing, privacy regulations have made it so that we must specifically and directly ask people to opt-in for our email list — instead of distracting them with the shiny object of a free download to get them on the list.

    For another thing, many small business owners are realizing that they …

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