Three stories

Your assignment: Detect which is my true voice

  • Fade In : Pacific Coast Highway at sunset.

    A young woman, aglow in the warm twilight reflecting off the ocean, smiles out the window as her handsome boyfriend drives a little too fast around the seductive curves of the PCH. She is feeling content, accomplished, bursting with the energy of the possible.

    She has just completed a rigorous interview for a coveted internship position with the Director’s Guild of America – her golden ticket into the glamorous world of Hollywood filmmaking. Four years of hard work at film school, glowing letters of recommendation from her professors, nine months of applications and interviews for this position all behind her, and the promise of a new life with her beloved in sunny Southern California await.

    Her cell phone RINGS.

    A surge of adrenaline rushes through her, her heart pounding into overdrive as she answers. It’s them.

    “Sorry to inform you… You’ve been cut…”

    The conversation lasts less than a minute, but it erases years of hard work, months of anticipation, days of giddy high imagining her perfect future.

    Gone, in less than sixty seconds.

    She turns to her beloved, her voice quivering, tears coursing down her face.

    “I don’t have a Plan B…”

  • Dateline : Colorado, three years later

    After several years of searching for a way into the film business, while keeping herself afloat with temporary jobs, Ms. Boggs made the decision to leave the film industry and instead made her way with her new husband to Colorado.

    There, knowing no one and with few prospects, she applied for work with a temporary agency known for providing labor in creative fields. During her application process, she indicated that she would be a good fit for the position of copy editor. The recruiter expressed doubt, as she had no commensurate experience on her resume, but agreed to let her take the copy editing proficiency test.


    “I’d never had anyone else get a perfect score on that test,” the recruiter said, “so I believed she could do the work.”

    Boggs was placed in a copy editing position with a company known for producing the official travel guide magazines for locations across the country. Before long, she was promoted to editor, and oversaw the production of eight magazines.

    But three years into the position, the company began to have financial difficulties, and Boggs was laid off. It was the beginning of the economic downturn.

    Undeterred, Boggs applied for other journalistic positions, now with the resume and experience to back up her passion for writing.

    Before long, she was engaged as the associate editor, and later food editor, of a hyper-local magazine in Boulder County, with 70,000 copies per month reaching local audiences. Boggs went on to earn high accolades for herself and the magazine, with three awards from the Society of Professional Journalists.

  • Top Secret : Eyes only

    It’s not hard, really. I’ve always prefered being behind the camera to being in front of it.

    The power behind the personality.

    In fact, this work seems a perfect, almost unbelievably serendipitous combination of my unique skills. I understand the steps of producing a story. I have the words to make the story come alive. I have the gift to translate myself into someone else.

    It isn’t my story any more.

    But that’s not entirely true either.

    Because the stories become my own. I slip seamlessly from one persona to the next, living out my wildest dreams.

    I am a business coach.

    I am a stylist.

    I am a health expert.

    I am an interior designer.

    I am a unicorn-loving hippy, a buttoned-up business man, a holistic health expert, a couture style expert, a woo-woo life coach, an Australian, a New Yorker, a Brit….

    I can be whoever I need to be. I come in, do my job, and tell the story that needs telling. I amplify the voice, lead the tribe, entice new customers, convert new sales, skyrocket the business, support the brand, become the persona –

    And when I do my job well, no one need ever know I was there.

Which one is the real me?

Oh, honey… That’s kind of the point. They’re all me. And they’re all true.
A great storyteller can juggle multiple personalities;




    Owner of Teriva Solutions, Teri has a black belt in grammar and copy editing, and many years of fieldwork as a writer and editor. She’s currently assigned to undercover work with several key clients and has proved herself a valuable operative. Her cover story has her as a devoted wife and mom of two boys and PTA president.