Content Considerations for Each Stage of Business

At an event I attended recently, Greg Hickman shared what he called a Growth Ladder. It’s basically a chart of the problems, areas of focus, and team size for businesses at different levels.

What I found most interesting about this chart was seeing how certain marketing services fit in at different levels of business. So often, I see businesses trying to jump ahead in complexity in their marketing efforts unnecessarily.

For example, I was working with a new business recently on their home page copy, and the first and largest call …

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Are You All or Nothing With Your Marketing?


In marketing (as in life) many of us tend to have an all-or-nothing approach.

We go ALL IN on something — the new podcast, daily live videos, posting to IG stories, starting up the blog again, getting consistent about sending out email newsletters, driving traffic with ads, and definitely absolutely planning out our next launch more proactively…

(In fact, I see people all the time who get a serious case of FOMO {fear of missing out} if they aren’t doing all the things when it comes to marketing. As soon as they see …

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Waiting to Hire a Copywriter Could Cost You BIG TIME

I’m not going to lie: This is a self-serving blog post.

It started because a couple of weeks ago, I was ranting on our team slack channel about people who wait until the last minute to reach out to hire us for launch copy or website copy or whatever.

And honestly, at first, I was just ranting; but then my team started weighing in and we started realizing…

Waiting until the last minute to plan your launch, to create your copy, to reach out and hire a copywriter can actually cost you …

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Is Marketing a Gamble?

Last week, when I wrote about leadership marketing, I said:

Business owners aren’t marketers. A lot of business owners do the work of marketers to market and sell their own stuff, but that’s not what they got into business to do. So they don’t feel comfortable going outside the box to create their own marketing plan. (And, I assume, they think they can’t afford to hire someone to create a custom marketing plan for them, which is a lie, but I think it happens a lot!)

Kristi McDaniel, of Simply Yoga, noticed this …

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