Beyond the Slide Deck: Everything ELSE You Need for a Successful Webinar

You’re planning a webinar to add new subscribers to your email list, to promote an affiliate offer, or to sell your latest and greatest thing.

You’ve got a gorgeous slide deck, you’ve practiced your presentation and your pitch is on point.

You’ve even tested your tech extensively and made sure there will be no gremlins interrupting you on webinar day.

But delivering a successful webinar goes way beyond having a pretty slide deck, an interesting presentation, and a strong pitch.

In fact, there’s a TON of additional content you need to create to support …

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The Case of the $300,000 Email

Still wondering what the ROI of blogging and email newsletters might be? One of our clients discovered the massive value consistent content marketing had for their business, and the importance of authentic …

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Marketing and Messaging with a 3 Word Rebellion

Why do some businesses struggle with their message and others don’t?

Why do some social movements take off while others struggle?

Why are some messages infinitely “sticky” and shareable?

Questions for the ages, surely, but my friend and colleague Dr. Michelle Mazur believes she has some of it figured out. She’s the author and creator of 3 Word Rebellion: Create a One-of-a-Kind Message that Grows Your Business into a Movement, and she joined me this week on the Content Debrief to talk about what a 3 word rebellion is — and why you …

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Does Your Newsletter Serve a Purpose?

Here are the cold hard facts:

Most small businesses aren’t using their email newsletter to their best advantage.

If we take a stroll down memory lane, we might remember that way back in the dear dead days of early websites and blogging, email newsletters — and blogs themselves — were a novelty. We were excited to sign up to hear from businesses and people we wanted to engage with.

Then, automation and marketing tactics took over. Suddenly, we’ve reached a place of serious email overwhelm. Many businesses require an email address to interact …

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