First step in a content marketing strategy.

GOAL! The First Step in a Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy really comes down to asking yourself one question:

“Does this move me closer to my goal?”

Chasing tactics is all about the next shiny object. If you’re a Harry Potter fan or saw the new “Fantastic Beasts” movie, think of tactics like a Niffler; it’s obsessed with seeking out all the shiny objects it can find and collecting them — to the point where its little pouch is overflowing with treasures. But it doesn’t do anything with any of those shiny objects. They just weigh it down.

Strategy, on the …

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5ws of creating your editorial calendar

The 5Ws of Creating Your Blog Editorial Calendar

What’s standing between you and content that improves your sales?

It could be that you just need to understand and create a framework for your content that will lead people toward a sale. 

So I thought I would share a full hour-long training on the subject this week — totally free (and no opt-in!) for the first time …

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Revolutionize your business with an editorial calendar

Why a Blog Editorial Calendar Could Revolutionize Your Business

Is your content working for your business?

By that I mean, are you getting the readers you want on your blog? Are your blog posts converting readers into buyers?

How much time do you spend writing your blog post every week? And is that time converting to more dollars for your business?

The sad truth is that for many people reading this, the answer is NO: no, their blog posts aren’t reaching the right eyeballs and converting those readers to customers. And so, QED, no, the time they’re spending on their blog posts …

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what is content marketing?

What IS Content Marketing, Anyway?

One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make when blogging for their business is confusing blogging with a content marketing strategy.

It’s true that the two are inseparably related, but they’re also different, and it’s an important distinction that too many business owners don’t make.

Knowing the difference means the difference between a business blog that gets nothing but “digital crickets” and one that reaches all the right readers at the right time, generates leads for your business, and ultimately makes you more …

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