Blogspiration: What’s Your Buy Trigger?

What’s the buy trigger for your product/service?

A buy trigger is one of the basic human needs that your product or service taps into, and usually it’s a need or fear surrounding that trigger.

So, before you can write about it, you need to know what your ideal client’s buy trigger is—and how your product solves that need or problem.  (And you can have more than one.)  Here are some of the most …

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How to Submit A Guest Blog: Two Real Emails Examined

As a writer and editor for several food-related and green-minded websites, I get pitches from people wanting to submit a guest blog pretty regularly. I thought we’d take a look at one guestblogger email that worked, one that didn’t, and why.

First, let’s see if you can guess which is …

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Blogspiration: Transformation

Think about the transformation you offer your clients. How do you get them from bad to good, or from good to amazing?  Blog about your most amazing transformation …

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Blogspiration: Tough Questions

What’s one tough question you could ask your ideal client/reader today? Write a blog post inviting your reader to examine that tough question—and phrase it so that the answer will lead them to feel they want/need your product or service EVEN MORE.

Often, leading your client to think about the worst possible outcome they are experiencing or could experience if they don’t work with you can make them much more receptive to engaging (and paying for) your service. The more you open them up on this, the more they will want …

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