Are you writing your message in disappearing ink? Meet your secret weapon 

for creating content that leaves an indelible impression.

Your mission (should you choose to accept it)

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And what about your content? is it having an identity crisis?

Have you ever wanted to hire a copywriter, but wondered if the copy would come out sounding like you… or everyone else she writes for?


As a writer, I have the unique gift of being able to discern and mimic someone else’s voice, and my mission is to help you uncover your identity, unmask your voice and intrigue your clientele with words that leave an indelible impression.


Whether you choose to discover your true identity to improve your own writing (courageous fieldwork), use your Voice Codebook to instruct your team when creating new content (delicious delegation), or employ me to go undercover as you (no need to get your hands dirty), uncovering and understanding your voice is the first step.

Would you rather:

Option No. 1
Learn the tradecraft

If field work and DIY is your preference, this is where you can update your skills, increase your confidence, and become the content marketer you always wanted to be. We offer free resources, ebooks, courses, and strategy to support your passion.

Option No. 2
Employ a secret weapon

If you prefer to be the power behind the throne, let us do the writing for you. Employ a ghostblogger to be your voice and free you up to work in your zone of genius. Spend your time where it counts. Let us do the rest.

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