How to Manage Your Blog Post Ideas for a Successful Blog

The blank page.  (Or, in our case, blank screen.) Bane of writers everywhere. Vast expanse of white, waiting to be filled with words, like a field of waist-deep snow you have to slog across.

I think there’s a reason they call it a CURSE-or. Little devil, blinking at us mockingly as if to say, “So. What genius are you going to share with us today, hmmmmm?”

If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone.

Even the greats faced writer’s block.


But when writing a blog for business, we don’t have the luxury of having writer’s block.  I always say to my clients, consistency is more important than quantity — but it is important.

That is to say, whether you’ve set yourself up to write once a week or once a month, you need to be consistent about it and deliver on that deadline.

This might be a good place to remind everyone that a blogging schedule is not the same as an editorial calendar: Editorial Calendar vs. A Blogging Schedule.

A schedule tells you when to write. An editorial calendar tells you so much more.

Building your editorial calendar.

Start with our Ultimate Content Planning System — which includes the exact templates we use with our clients for your editorial calendar, workflow for you and your team, and a content archive and ranking system so you can repurpose your best content.

In my Ultimate Guide to blogging effectively for solopreneurs, I listed some of the big rocks you need to understand when blogging for business, like defining your blogging goals and your most valuable readers.

Once you’ve figured those out, the next step is to put them into an editorial calendar.

Blog post ideas for filling your editorial calendar.

Of course, understanding how to put together an editorial calendar is one thing; actually knowing what to put IN it is another. So, I’ve gathered my best posts about WHAT to write for you below.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

What are your biggest struggles with creating and maintaining an editorial calendar? Let me know in the comments below.

And if you’re OVER this whole DIY thing, why not check out my VIP days — where I will personally create a content calendar for you.

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20 thoughts on “How to Manage Your Blog Post Ideas for a Successful Blog

  1. I’d have to say my biggest struggle is getting over my perfectionism, I’m getting better though! Bookmarked the storyboard and blogs that convert. Thanks for such great content.

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  2. I finally made my calendar, last week. So far, it’s going good. My biggest struggle was getting in that creative space I needed.

  3. Great Information Lacy. Im newbie blogger. My biggest problem right now is to quit working about my content and post it. i seem to think it is not good enough

  4. Lacy, you’ve provided some excellent information. I’m a new blogger. My main issue right now is deciding when to stop working on my material and when to publish it.

  5. Managing blog post ideas is always important for everyone especially when he needs to work on a trending topic. Most of people can’t write well because they lose their concentration because they don’t manage their ideas.

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