3 Ways to Get More Leads from Your Content Marketing

Let’s face it: nobody is creating content marketing for their health or just to hear themselves talk; content marketing is supposed to drive leads and sales for your business!

So why is it that so many people struggle to see a direct ROI from their content?

Why you aren’t getting leads from your content

OK, so in general, I see a few reasons why businesses don’t get piles of leads from their content:

Nobody’s actually seeing your offer.
This could be for a lot of different reasons. Top of the list is the fact that …

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3 Challenges of Marketing Your Maturing Business

Running a business is a wild ride.

I really didn’t know what I was signing up for 10-ish years ago when I decided to try this online business thing.

It brings up all your unhealed stuff. Oh you were a gifted kid who found you couldn’t live up to the wild expectations people had of you so you developed a coping mechanism of just not trying anything you weren’t guaranteed to excel at and now have a deeply ingrained imposter complex and praise kink?

Yeah, that’s definitely going to show up.

Plus there are a …

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Why Better Content Marketing Will Bring You More Sales

Better content equals more sales.  Period.

I’ve got the receipts to back it up, but it’s understandable that sometimes it’s difficult to see.

Because, for many high-ticket coaches, course creators, membership sites, etc., we rarely put a “buy now” button on a blog post, a podcast episode, or an Instagram caption.

It’s not as simple as looking at the conversion rates on an advertising campaign or sales page — but that’s because content marketing is about building relationships, and it’s hard to put a value on a solid relationship.

Good content marketing is permission-based. …

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3 Tools to Make Outsourcing Content Easier

You thought you were being a BOSS and hired help to outsource your content marketing… but it hasn’t gone exactly as you thought it would.

Suddenly you have a never-ending list of tasks — broken down into subtasks and more subtasks — to try to account for all the moving parts of your marketing plan, but it means you’re getting alerts 75 times a day…

Your team is always behind on producing content… because they’re waiting on you for something or pinging you for approvals every other minute…

And it feels like you’re …

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