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Can You Be a Digital Minimalist AND a Marketer?

As a bit of a minimalist in my own life (I prefer to call myself an “essentialist” after reading Greg McKeown’s book of the same name), when I picked up Cal Newport’s book, Digital Minimalism, I immediately liked the idea.

In fact, I already practice digital minimalism in some ways:

I don’t have any social media notifications on my phone or my laptop. The only apps that go “ding” are text messages and phone calls. I don’t check email on the weekends — personal or work. I use ad blockers on my …

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I Used AI to Write This Blog (Sort Of)

The robots are coming for my job.

Over the past week I saw two different people post about two different websites that use AI (that’s artificial intelligence) to help people write sales copy, social media content, blog posts, emails, and more.

And I — being human and a copywriter — was skeptical.

A few years ago, I tested an AI that said it could actually write you a blog post by itself, and the results were laughable. As in, not just a crummy blog post, but a compilation of words and sentences that …

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Breaking Free from the Feast or Famine Business Cycle

In the first year of my business as a ghost blogger, I had my best month ever and my worst month ever back-to-back.

When I told my coach about it (I subscribed to a monthly group coaching call for $12.95 a month!), she asked me how much time I’d spent marketing myself during my best month.

The answer, as it turned out, was “very little” — because I’d been so busy delivering on the work that got me to my best month. And so, naturally, my leads and sales dropped the following …

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Are You Paying Attention to What Works in Your Content?

My friend and colleague, Bushra Azhar, recently wrote a Facebook post that got my brain spinning.

In it she talks about her process of testing content — and then taking the content that works the best and spinning it out into many other things.

Now, this isn’t a new concept — I’ve talked ad nauseum about re-using, recycling, and repurposing content.

But what actually got me thinking is this: very few people actually do this with any sort of science or consistency behind it.

Bushra talks about making a mental note …

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