We are hiring for an administrative and marketing support person at Content Direction Agency.

This role is primarily to support Lacy and keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes at the agency.

We don’t know what the title for this job is. Maybe you’d like to write your own? Probably the closest equivalent is an executive virtual assistant with the potential and desire to grow into an online business manager.

The perfect person for this job will be extremely self-driven and motivated. You’re not the type to ever leave the toilet paper roll empty for the next person; you see something that needs doing and you take care of it.

You geek out over systems and processes. Nifty spreadsheets and well documented SOPs make your nerdy heart sing.

You have a firm but loving customer service persona. You can professionally empathize with someone and ask them for the third time to pay their invoice (if necessary). You aren’t afraid to send the email or pick up the phone and call someone to get an issue resolved.

You have a keen sense for details and are probably a “born organized” type — or have developed intricate systems and work-arounds in your life to compensate for not being born organized. We wouldn’t be surprised if you label your socks and underwear drawers.

You are already familiar with our tech stack (see below) or are not just willing but eager to roll up your digital sleeves and learn.

You value ease, efficiency, and clarity — but never at the expense of the humans at the other end of a process.

You appreciate the art of the well placed gif.

You’re a strong implementor willing to balance out Lacy’s quick start tendencies.

You may (or may not) have strong opinions on:

  • The Oxford comma
  • Doctor Who
  • food
  • fiber arts
  • YA novels
  • project management software

Compensation commensurate with experience, but we expect to pay $30-$45 per hour to start.

Starting at 5-10 hours a week. A typical week might include: checking the team email address daily and responding to emails; checking in with me daily on Slack about any customer support going on like onboarding new clients in Dubsado; sending the weekly email newsletter on Wednesdays; gather weekly check-ins from the writers on Fridays and update client hubs.


Our ideal candidate will be familiar with or super willing to learn the following tools:

  • Google Suite
  • Dubsado
  • ClickUp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • WordPress
    • AccessAlly
  • Member Vault

Regular Task list includes (but not be limited to):

Customer service:

  • check team email address every weekday and respond to or forward emails as necessary
  • manage workflows in Dubsado including
    • new client onboarding (sending contracts and invoices etc.)
    • checking and following up on unpaid invoices
    • creating any manual invoices as necessary
    • offboarding clients (archiving projects, requesting testimonials, etc.)


  • help with Active Campaign as necessary including
    • sending weekly nurture email
    • creating automations
    • creating new tags and lists
    • maintaining naming conventions, etc.
  • create simple landing pages in WordPress
  • update podcast appearances carousel on blog

Internal project management:

  • Update and maintain SOPs in ClickUp as necessary
  • maintain weekly writer updates and help Lacy keep an eye on client satisfaction and needs
  • update metrics spreadsheet monthly – pulling info from Google Analytics, Facebook and IG insights, etc.

Future Projects might include:

  • Figure out better systems for writer updates, client management
  • Figure out how to track writer capacity
  • Launch support — we irregularly launch products and programs and need support creating all the stuff that goes along with that


The Content Direction Agency exists to help personality-driven brands communicate and connect with their audiences with purpose and clarity through content marketing.

We believe that the best way to help our clients drive sales is through authentic, organic, and values-driven content — and we make it easier to accomplish that. We help clients define goals and metrics for their content marketing so that they can actually see what’s working. When clients work with us, they can stop worrying about their content marketing for the next six months with an editorial calendar and strategy aligned to their business goals and the resources to make it happen.

We also believe in a feminist business model; rather than trying to grab a larger slice of the pie, we just bake a bigger pie. We believe in collaboration, abundance, generosity, sustainability, inclusion, empathy, integrity, mindfulness, and ease and we strive to allow these values to guide our business decisions and practices. We are signatories to the Anti-Racist Business pledge and the Ethical Marketing pledge.

The Content Direction Agency will be 10 years old this year, and we’re just getting started. We have a reputation for providing solid content strategy and creative content for our clients. We pride ourselves on our friendly, supportive team atmosphere even though we are all remote. Our #random Slack channel is lit. We still say things like “lit” with only the barest trace of irony. We believe the only stupid question is the one you never ask. Our goal is always to be an inclusive, nurturing, awesome place to work and grow. We encourage people with marginalized identities to apply.

Lacy is a nerdy, introverted, INFJ Pisces with Taurus rising. She will almost certainly cry in your general vicinity at some point during your tenure with us. She needs someone who can help her keep perspective and encourage her to do the hard shit. (She can do it, she just has to whine about it for a while.)

To Apply:

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