More Email, Smaller List: Innovator Interview with Breanne Dyck

Have you had the experience where people opt-in to something, raise their hand and say they’re interested, but then don’t take action and buy?

Yeah, me too.

Breanne has an answer for that — and it’s about confirming a bias toward action when you’re segmenting your email list. And how she got rid of 90% of her list to do that.

*jaw drop moment amirite?*

If you have questions about how email marketing is working TODAY, how important your email list size is (hint: size doesn’t matter as much as you think), and whether or not you should be emailing your list more, you need to watch this interview. We talk about the fact that she’s started sending daily emails, but also a lot about the rational behind segmentation in your email list.

I admit that I’m not following my own blogging advice (WHAT?!?!) and what I’m doing instead. I also share my real list numbers and how they plummeted after my list-cleaning endeavor earlier this year (and why that’s no big thang). 

Some words of wisdom from Breanne:

  • I’m now writing five times as much, it’s taking me a fraction of the time, I don’t feel like I want to kill myself and the engagement is through the roof.
  • Let’s just brake all the rules and get amazing results, shall we?
  • I don’t want to sell to these people. I don’t want to have a relationship that’s predicated on selling… If you want to work with us, it’s on you.
  • It’s a place for me to test ideas, see what resonates, take the pulse of my audience…
  • Lacy moment of brilliance: Just because there’s advice out there, doesn’t mean you have to follow it.
  • What I’m doing with my daily emails, it’s not content marketing… I specifically have an anti-strategy around that. I want my content marketing to be very strategic, but I need to have a sandbox.
  • There’s a difference between the creative content creation process and having my content marketing system in place. For me, those are completely separate things.
  • Your list is a holding place for non-buyers. (Until they’ve bought from you, they are by definition non-buyers!) 
  • I need to be investing my resources proportionately with the urgency to which you have this problem.
  • It’s up to you as the reader of my emails to decide if you want to speed up and work with me, or keep hanging out in the bucket.
  • If people want to work with me, that’s fantastic, but it’s not my job to chase them.
  • I need to be generating enough leads so that I can choose who we want to work with.

If you want to know more about the customer awareness spectrum Breanne and I are jamming on near the end, check out this post.

If you want to learn more about Breanne, go to

And then, let me know in the comments: Did this interview change how you think about your email strategy?

5 thoughts on “More Email, Smaller List: Innovator Interview with Breanne Dyck

  1. This is so resonating with me! Thank you, Lacy and Breanne. What you talk about in this video puts into words the intuitions I’ve been having and the way I wish for business to be. :)Brilliant points for engaging people authentically.

  2. This discussion made some great distinctions for me about my e-mail subscribers. I had just eliminated 10% of mine in the spring. I am sure more could go.
    I agree that only a few are ready to make the next inspiring leap and I would like to know who! Thanks for everything!

  3. Most amazing interview ever. Giving me permission to do the same vetting with my list — and stop chasing the big numbers. Thank you!

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