The Power of Getting Personal: Innovator Interview with Rebecca Tracey

Frustrated with webinars?

So are a lot of people these days — business owners and viewers.

Webinars started as a wonderful, unique way to get valuable free training from a person or business online, even if they often included a pitch at the end for a paid product. But they have morphed into more pitch than information, and viewers are getting savvy. 

I’ve heard anecdotal reports of webinar attendance and conversion rates dropping like a stone, which is bad news for people who have embraced a sort of “set it and forget it” marketing funnel for their business.

But that’s not you, right?  And it’s not any of my innovators I’ve been interviewing lately.

This week, I’ve got Rebecca Tracey of The Uncaged Life in the hot seat to talk about the many different ways she uses Facebook Live in her business — and the power of getting personal.

Rebecca helps super newbie businesses get started, especially service providers who want to build freedom into their lives. She also has a very simple content marketing funnel — and it works for her! She focuses more on making sure she’s getting in front of her audience frequently than worrying about being on every channel or doing every kind of thing. That’s because she’s seen the power of getting really personal with her audience and her outreach.

YouTube video

Some things we discussed:

  • Webinars are becoming shorter.
  • Seeing more webinars without slides; off-the-cuff and more personal feeling.
  • Using Facebook live to remind people to come to webinars.
  • Use Facebook Live as a trust builder during a launch. “The know, like and trust factor happens really, really quickly.”
  • Give a separate link for your sales page just on your Facebook Live to track how many people see it there.
  • Share your Facebook Live via email, and track those clicks.

Great quotes from Rebecca:

  • “I use [Facebook Live] as kind of an insurance policy.”
  • “I think people buy from friends.”
  • “We don’t own Facebook.” 
  • “I think of it as all working together.” — ie: Facebook Live, Twitter, email, etc.
  • “If you’re only emailing your list and nothing else, that’s not a great strategy.”
  • “I’m proof that you can keep [your marketing] super, super simple.”
  • “What worked a few years ago for my program are not working now. I’ve added more hands-on personal stuff like Facebook Live, a chat box on my sales page, etc.”

If you want to more about Rebecca and what she does, check her out at The Uncaged Life and on Facebook.

I would love to know: What’s your version of an Uncaged Life? What does that look like for you? Does your business model support what you want? 

2 thoughts on “The Power of Getting Personal: Innovator Interview with Rebecca Tracey

  1. I only ever attend webinars by a handful of people because they don’t follow the common formula. If a business owner expects me to give up an hour of my time, I don’t want 20 minutes of their bio, 10 minutes of what I’m going to learn, 5 minutes of content, 15 minutes of pitch, and 10 minutes of Q&A which is solely about their offering. But the Facebook Live training I’ve seen has been 10-15 minutes of sheer value!

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