Why Develop Your Own Leadership Marketing Plan

Why Develop Your Own Leadership Marketing Plan

What happens when you work with me to create a Leadership Marketing plan for your business?


“I had no idea where to begin. Lacy makes blogging and getting traffic to your site a cinch. She is so organized about it, and brings REALLY important aspects of blogging to the table in very digestible pieces. She has the most amazing tips and tricks of the trade. She really knows her business and strives to bring you things you need! I really appreciated the tips and advice. She is down to earth and took the intimidation out of it for me.”

“I feel like I know what the purpose of my blog is and what I’m supposed to do with it.”

“I had fun, too! The most fun I’ve had on a coaching call. It was such a boost to feel I was on the right track, I rarely feel so validated.”

These are all from clients who worked with me to create their Leadership Marketing plans (even when I wasn’t calling it that yet!).

Where are you struggling when it comes to creating your own marketing plan?  Are you struggling to get organized? Are you struggling to understand your purpose? Are you trying to decide between a bunch of ideas and just want someone to tell you if you’re on the right track?

Are you looking for more discipline and consistency?

“Through working with you I got the courage and discipline to write on a regular basis and feel good about putting it out there. The most transformative part was actually writing a post with ease and feeling like I ‘got’ my voice.”

Are you worried you’re on the WRONG track?

“Ok, can I just say how much healing I’m experiencing […]?!  […]the medicine she has given me is that it’s OK to be how/where I am (in my case, my audience size). I’ve been focusing on the wrong thing for YEARS, and now there’s a level of acceptance and joy in shifting my focus. Thank you, Lacy!”

Are you wondering what kind of ROI you’re going to get from working with me and developing your own custom Leadership Marketing plan? You can check out some of our case studies like The Case of the $300,000 Email or some of these case studies of the system (back when it was called Blogstorm).

But sometimes the ROI is more emotional…

“You are just so lovely and sweet and you really helped get my booty into action! Finally seeing my ideas being crafted into blog posts helped me feel like I was finally getting somewhere. This was tremendous relief.

Not gonna lie: It’s a little uncomfortable for me to collect all these testimonials in one place for you, but I decided to do it because I truly believe that putting together a Leadership Marketing plan will work for you — because I’ve seen it work for literally hundreds of people who have gone through my course, joined the group program, or worked with me one-on-one.

“Thank you so much. Working with you this year was my one big business investment and it was worth every penny.

“Just want to say in three weeks I have gone from sucking black hole to killing it (well not exactly killing it but definitely rocking it 😉

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