Building Community: Innovator Interview with Elise & Scott Grice

Have you ever wondered how some people seem to be able to build huge, engaged communities of raving fans? That’s what we’re talking about in this week’s Innovator Interview with Elise and Scott Grice of My Own Irresistible Brand and Hey Sweet Pea who have a thriving and super engaged online community.

Why? Because the Grices are super focused on customer experience and engagement — they go so far as to refer to their Facebook Live videos as “family meetings” and try to make everything they do an event. 

Check it out:

Elise & Scott dropped some serious wisdom in this conversation, and these are some of my favorite takeaways: 

  • “We like to make our Facebook Lives an event. Because if we’re going to show up and bring it, we want people to be there! We’ve kind of made it into this family meeting.”

  • “There was this cool cross-promoting moment where we’re live talking about this email… We had over 50 people reach out and say, ‘Hey! I want to get that email!”

  • “There is a direct correlation between us going live and sales — EVERY TIME.”

  • “When you focus on impact, the numbers will follow.” 

  • “This is something special, unique, so we have this mad rush of people who think, ‘I’ve gotta go! They don’t do this every day!'”

  • “Make it an event, that you need to be there, to be part of the magic.”

  • “We always show up with a plan — not necessarily an angle, but we know what we’re going to do or talk about and we always tell people about it so they can be a part of that.”

  • “Creating an experience for your customers — it’s not just getting people in the door, it’s what they experience after. That’s your brand, too.”

  • “Those encounters where you can remove that illusion that you’re talking to everyone, and talk just to them.”

  • “Ask yourself, how can I make this as awesome and easy and effortless as possible for them?”

  • “If they’re missing those emotional moments, they’re missing the experience.”

  • “We keep saying it’s their fault for not understanding, but it’s our fault for not helping them understand.”

  • “That’s our whole thing. We want them to say, ‘YES! THIS!'”

  • “Testing, tracking, and tweaking every step of the way. For us, everything is a test. We see how it does and then we adjust.”

  • “If we get the same question twice, we’re creating a system to address that question going forward.”

  • “The only thing we can predict is that social media will keep on changing. It doesn’t matter how the social media channels change, if you keep focusing on impact, you’ll keep rising to the top.”

  • “Any medium or channel that allows us to have personal interactions with people is going to win out. People crave that personal connection more than ever.”

I absolutely love the way the Grices approach thinking about their content and their brand experiences, don’t you?! What had you saying “Yes! This!” about this conversation? Let me know in the comments below. 

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  1. I love the idea of making an experience. On my author pages I’m always getting comments on the photos I take from people wishing they could see things properly – I should take them with me using live videos!

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