A New Approach to Facebook: Innovator Interviews with Amanda Bond

If you use Facebook to market your online business (and let’s be real: that’s like 98% of us!) you are going to want to block out some time in your day right now to watch this interview I did with Bond, the ad strategist.

Bond was kind enough not just to come on and chat with us, but to give us some full on Facebook strategy training, including: what to do to get SUPER cheap ad impressions these days, exactly what kind of content to serve up to people at what stage of your relationship, and how to maximize your organic reach with engagement strategies.

Seriously, get some paper and pen because you’re gonna want to take notes on everything this woman says.

Some important points to remember:

The Connect Phase: Anything that is branding impressions BEFORE you ask for that first micro-commitment. This is where we are going to go back to basics and indoctrinate people to our brand before we ever ask them to take an action. Good content for this stage includes:

  • Video
  • Graphics of Quotables (think Danielle LaPorte’s Truth Bombs)
  • Text-based questions people can answer
  • Sharing guest blog posts or podcast interviews

Convert: The second stage is divided four buckets that make up your retargeting audience. You want to have a Facebook ads custom audience for your:

  • Pixeled website traffic
  • Email list
  • Facebook page engagement
  • Video views

Finally, no matter what kind of content you share, here are Bond’s Ninja Tips to create engagement loops:

  • Respond to every comment on your post.
  • Share an emoji reaction as comment 1.
  • Make a statement for comment 2.
  • Ask a question for comment 3. 
  • Do this on the original post AND the shared posts.

The goal is to get them back to engage a second time so that Facebook continues to serve up the content because it’s relevant. 

Drop the mic moments from Bond:

  • “We’re going to have an awesome conversation today, but nobody watching should walk away and say BOOM, that is the answer!”
  • “We’re going back to basics, back to what marketers were doing 10 years, 20 years ago, and we’re focusing on branding.”
  • “You’ve got to get back to starting those relationships sooner. And then once people get on your list, don’t just rely on your email to deliver your message.”
  • “If you can go deep with people, you’re going to be ahead of the game.”
  • “It’s actually really cost effective to set up nurture sequences in ads.”
  • “Engagement fuels your ads and makes them the most cost-effective.”
  • “There’s a side-benefit of bringing on guests, which is the ability to syndicate your videos.”
  • “Asking for more likes, comments, and shares and all of that signals to the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm to serve it up to more people when it’s relevant. So we want to help that along!”
  • “Sharing creates more entry points for people to find your live videos.”
  • “So many of us are trying to build business that are out of alignment with what works for us because we heard the advice on a podcast somewhere.”
  • “Ad breaks are coming to Facebook Live. YouTube used to be the place for people to monetize their video, but soon you will be able to take an ad break and monetize your live content.”
  • “How do we make content accessible in a way people want to communicate?”

And my personal favorite, “You’re going to see that accelerated trajectory of people who are willing to jump in.”

Want to learn more from Bond? (WHO DOESN’T??) You can find her on Facebook as The Ad Strategist, and if you want to learn more about Bond’s Facebook advertising strategy, you can check that out here.

In the meantime, I would love to know: What was your biggest AHA moment from this interview? Share it in the comments below. (I had like 20.)

6 thoughts on “A New Approach to Facebook: Innovator Interviews with Amanda Bond

  1. Wonderful ideas! I have a couple of questions~ Lacy did you say that you use pre-recorded videos for you Facebook Live? That would be my preference (control!)
    Secondly,Amanda mentions growing her audience to 6oK. That is amazing but what was her revenue growth? I am not into vanity metrics but financial results 🙂 Lots of good tips and I appreciate it! Thank you both.

    1. Hey Sarah! Great questions.

      Yes, I use a program called Ecamm that allows me to broadcast pre-recorded videos to Facebook live. I believe it is only for Mac at this point, but there may be a PC equivalent.

      And while I don’t have revenue numbers for Bond, I know she is TURNING AWAY business because she is so crazy busy and launching a course to train up a bunch of new ad strategists to whom she can refer business.

    2. Hey @Sarah…

      Since I’ve been focused on building that audience, I haven’t put a lot of effort into monetization.

      Right now I’m about to do a JV partner launch and I’ll see a massive uptake in our video views warm audience with retargeting for that offer.

      Also, my business focuses now (since I blew up my done-for-you ads agency) on consulting which a single lead can result in a $30,000+ contract. If I convert 1/100th of a percent of that audience, it’s more than worth the time/effort.

      I don’t follow the book on anything in my business, so interpret as works for you and your brand!

      With our clients, we consistently see the lead cost on Facebook ads drastically lower on the warm video views audience.

      For example, I just went into Ads Manager and pulled the numbers for ads running to video viewers in a client’s last launch. The results:

      $1,409.08 spent to 3-sec video viewers
      11 Full-Pay Sales = $11,000
      4 Payment Plan Sales = $4,800

      $15,800 revenue on $1,409.08 spend in that audience alone equalling an ROI of 11.2x which was 25% of the total sales but only 16% of the allocated ad spend.

      Answer = it hella works!

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