Simple Redirect Plugin for WordPress Websites and Blogs

Here’s an easy tip for you today.

Say you want to create a custom URL to give out to people, Tweet, put in marketing materials, etc. You want it to be easy to remember, but you also want to direct people to a page where you can’t control the URL.

You could use a service like, but why not create your own custom domain redirect?

Let’s use me as an example.

I just created a really amazing free Blogstorming prompts PDF that I’m going to be giving out to my readers (get on …

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How to Calculate Your ROI with Marketing Metrics

I love sharing useful freebies with you guys, and I found a great one today!

Hubspot is offering a free report that shows you how to calculate six important marketing metrics that you as a small business owner actually care about.

“Marketing metrics” is just business jargon for equations that show the ROI of your investments.

(ROI? Return on investment. In other words, what you’re earning compared to what you’re spending.)

Here’s the link to the report. (I don’t get anything from sharing this other than warm fuzzy feelings.)

Your BLOG is a big …

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Email is Still the One For Selling Online

A new study out shows that email, not Facebook or Twitter, is still crushing it in terms of converting readers to customers.

Can I hear a “DUH??”

But let’s step back for a second.

How do you get people to sign up for your emails?

Well, having a good opt-in offer is a good start—a free ebook, report, checklist, coupon, or other goodie that people can download in exchange for giving out their email address.  And that’s great; that gets your foot through the proverbial door and your messages into their email …

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