{Blogspiration}: Breaking the Code of Silence

A while back, I read about this guy who installs pools.  He had a website and a blog to try to drum up traffic for his business, and one day, he wrote a post that explained, in detail, how he (and the rest of the pool-installation industry) estimated the costs of a job.

His traffic almost immediately went through the roof.


Because he was answering a question that no one else in his industry was willing to answer.  People were searching the Google for answers to exactly that question—how pool installation guys …

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10 Time-Saving Tips for Business Bloggers

Everybody is busy. And if you’re a small business owner, you’re even busier. It’s a whole cult of busy, here.

But here’s the thing: You find time for the important stuff. If blogging is important to your business, you’ll find time for it.  Or you’ll make time for it, with these 10 time-saving tips.

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What’s Your Special Sauce? {Blogspiration}

I’ve had a visit from the green-eyed monster over the last couple of weeks.

There’s a lady in one of my circles of acquaintances who is absolutely rocking her business right now.  And what does she do?  She’s a copywriter.  Just like me.  (We have totally different niches, but we’re both wordsmiths.)

She’s making a TON of money.  Her business is rocking, her list is growing, her blog posts are getting a TON of comments.

Oh, and she’s also SUPER skinny and cute and lives in a really fun place.

Can you say jealous?? …

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Blogspiration: Overcome Objections with your Blog

There are lots of ways a small business can use their blog, but one of the most USEFUL is to create a really in-depth Frequently Asked Questions section.

FAQ 1: Why would I put an FAQ on my blog if I already have an FAQ page?

It’s great to have a single page where people can go to get some of their questions answered.  (I have one that I did as though I were interviewing myself—since *I* am my product.)

But on your blog, what you’re really doing is overcoming objections, one at …

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