Steal My Strategy for Brainstorming My Blog’s Editorial Calendar

It’s officially the beginning of the year (or even a little after!), and so I’ve been spending the last week or so blogstorming my own editorial calendars for my blogs for the next six months.

But wait a second, you say, didn’t you tell us a while back to keep our blog posts timely?

Yup.  I sure did.  But here’s what I didn’t say: Not all blog posts should be about current events.  In fact, most of your content should be evergreen—the sort of thing people can look back through your archives and connect with even years down the line.

This is where my editorial calendar comes in.

My Strategy for Blogstorming My Editorial Calendar

For me, I want to make sure that I’m posting at least once a week for the rest of the year. So I’m going to take the time now to come up with posts for the next six months (that’s about 20 posts, for those of you doing the math).  These will be my evergreen content—stuff I can link to and use next year and the year after that.  These posts will also be part of my core content; in other words, they’ll really focus on the core mission of the blog.

I would like to shoot for posting twice a week—but I’m not going to schedule those posts.  Those second posts are going to be a little more optional, a little more inspiration-based—and a lot more timely.

So, for example, a while back on my food blog, I wrote about saving money by participating in a food co-op. That was my core post.  But then, I also put up a recipe for mushroom bolognese, because a friend gave me a couple of pounds of wild porcinis!

There’s no way I could have known, six months before that, that my friend would give me wild mushrooms—but that became my timely article for the week, because it was mushrooming season here in Colorado at the time.

By building my editorial calendar with a little wiggle room, I’m supporting both strategies: creating timeless content and timely content, all at the same time.

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