10 Ways to Become a Better Writer for Your Business (or Life!)

I was chatting with a potential client recently, and he flat out told me, “I suck at writing.”

Now, I’m betting that’s not objectively true. He has a lot of formal education under his belt — and I’m guessing that he couldn’t possibly have gotten those upper level degrees without SOME writing skills. 

But what he’s probably saying is that he feels like he “sucks” at the kind of less formal, more conversational tone that most content marketing is written in. (Like this blog! Hello!) 

I also had a couple of clients ask …

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20 Entrepreneurs’ Best Advice for 2018

In honor of the new year, I asked some of the smartest people I know for their No. 1 best tip for anyone to improve their life. They all happen to be entrepreneurs, so while I specified that the advice could be about anything, I was expecting a fair amount of business advice.

Instead I got some serious life advice. And I shouldn’t be surprised; running a business acts as a mirror (or sometimes a magnifying glass) for all your internal shiz, and if you don’t deal with your personal stuff, …

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Blog Content Audit Checklist: How to Discover What’s Working and What’s Not


I talk a lot on this blog about how to create content that actually makes an impact for your business. But once you’ve been blogging for a while, how can you tell whether or not your new strategy is working for you? 

You could go with your gut, but a smarter way would be to actually look at the numbers. 

The best way to get a 30,000 foot view of how your content is doing is to conduct a blog audit — and it’s not as hard or complicated as it …

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what a copywriter is not

What a Copywriter is Not


This is a Public Service Announcement:

Your copywriter is not a business …

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