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Secrets of How to Outsource Content Writing (So Your Readers Never Know!)

Many times when I tell someone that I’m a “ghostblogger” and write blogs for other people’s small businesses, their initial reaction is, “You can do that?”

I actually had a fellow small biz owner tell me that outsourcing her blogging and other content creation felt like cheating…

But guess what?

This is an industry secret, that people may not want you to know, but many of the Internet’s biggest names outsource at least some of their content. Neil Patel does it. Many other big names in my industry do it — whether they post it …

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how to develop your brand voice guidelines

How to Develop Your Own Brand Voice Guidelines

A couple of years ago now, I had the pleasure of seeing Seth Godin speak at the Authority conference here in Denver, and something he said really stuck with me.

He was asked about the difference between a freelancer and an entrepreneur, and he said (I’m paraphrasing), “The entrepreneur is building something bigger than herself.”

He went on to say that the best way to shift from a freelance mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset was to start outsourcing as soon as possible the things you do not have to do, so that …

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your brand voice is important

Why Your Brand Voice is Important

I had one of my advanced content marketing students ask me recently, “What should I be focusing on?” She’s working on blogging strategically and consistently, but she wanted to know — what’s next?

The answer, of course, is “it depends.”  My answer for her will likely be different than my answer for you, because you are running different businesses.  One business may be killing it on Instagram, another Periscope, and another Facebook or Twitter.

But there’s one thing that remains consistent, no matter what your business is, no matter what medium you’re …

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strengthen your business with a strong brand voice

How to Strengthen Your Business With a Strong Brand Voice

A blogstorm student of mine recently saw big successes with one of her blog posts.  It was an attention post, and it worked! She got loads of attention, comments, shares, and opt-ins.

But the next week, it was back to reality: her next post didn’t land as strongly, didn’t get as many likes and shares. And she felt a wave of disappointment.

What’s the secret to consistent success with blogging? Well, if I knew the exact formula, I’d be a gazillionaire and would sell it to you here for a low, low …

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