How I doubled my profits and list with one decision

How I Doubled my Profits and Doubled my List with One Business Decision

On February 9, 2015, I launched this website and this new brand onto the world.

And for me, it was a big deal.

My gross profit for 2015 was nearly double what I earned in 2014.
My email list grew 192% in 2015 after nearly stagnating in 2014. 
My traffic jumped more than 1500% (yup) overnight.  (That was the bump from the launch. It didn’t stay there, but it did stay much higher.)
My average traffic per day jumped 50% over 2014.

For less numbers-oriented wins, I also signed up 3 new VIP ghostblogging clients, two …

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Case Study: Sara Berkes’ Codebook

One of the first people who decided to go through the Voice Identification Process with me was the lovely Sara Berkes of Sara Berkes Creative. I met Sara in the Quiet Power Strategy program and she’s in the process of rebranding her website, so when she reached out to ask if I was offering the VIProcess yet, I offered it to her as a beta client.

Sara felt like her old copy was bland. It wasn’t really her, and it wasn’t helping her stand out from the crowd. Sara …

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What your words say about you

What Do Your Words Say About You? The Science of Brand Voice

Your words matter.

In business — especially online — people get to know us first by what we say. They generate a first impression of us almost immediately. 

And if your words aren’t conveying what you want them to, the results can be devastating.

But this isn’t just my opinion; the way words affect us and the people we communicate with is well documented by science, and there are quite a few factors that will determine how people view you based on the words you …

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Why Do You Need a Brand Voice Style Guide?

In a recent interview, I was asked about the bottom line of having a brand voice:

How does defining our voice make us money?

It’s a good question.

I’m a big believer that you shouldn’t be doing things in business just because somebody else says so. You shouldn’t be blogging if you don’t know why you’re blogging. You shouldn’t do an ideal customer/reader profile unless you understand how you’re going to use it. Just doing exercises for the sake of doing them is a waste of time.

So why should you spend …

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