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Your Blog Can Be Your Best Sales Tool

I was doing my books this week, and I stumbled across a startling figure (startling for me anyway):

My content has earned my business more than $23,000 in the first half of 2016.

To me, that’s an amazing figure.  That’s more than this business earned in the first year of its inception.  If this rate continues apace, I’ll earn more from content this year than I made at my last full-time job.

(To be clear: this is what I’ve earned apart from my 1:1 work, because I don’t really use content to drive sales …

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13 free content marketing worksheets

13 Free Content Marketing Worksheets to Make 2016 Your Best Content Year Ever

Over the course of 2015, I decided to try experimenting with content upgrades — that is, actionable free content marketing worksheets that go along with the content or topic of a blog post, and are accessed via a download. 

The results? AMAZING!  

Content upgrades were the biggest driver for my email opt-ins in 2015, and I earned myself not just a lot of new sign-ups, but a lot of true fans, who have written to tell me how useful the worksheets are.

So, in case you’re new, or you may have …

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Take stock of the year with a 2015 Blog Content Audit

Take Stock: How to Conduct a 2015 Blog Content Audit

I’ve never been much of a numbers gal.  Humanities, that’s always been my thing.

But my mentor, Tara Gentile, is fond of asking us: If you’re not measuring it, how do you know if it’s working?

Errrrr…. Um…. Yeah.  Good point.

So, to end 2015 and start 2016 on the right foot, I’m conducting a content audit.  Basically, it’s a look back at what worked (and what didn’t) with my content this year — and then a plan for what to do next year. 

And since I’m going to the trouble of …

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Behind the Scenes: How I used My CIA System to Plan the Next Quarter of My Business Content

Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like there are a lot of programs out there that tell you what you “should” do — but that don’t seem to line up with what the author of the program actually does.  

(I’m especially suspicious of this when I see people who have BRAND NEW businesses giving out business advice…)

But I actually went the other way when I created The Content Intelligence Agency.  I created the system first for myself.  My editorial calendar system is what I use for my own content marketing …

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