What Top Marketers do to Be Successful

If you’re hoping that this post will give you some kind of blueprint or formula to follow for marketing success, you’re in the wrong blog post.

See, I believe in Leadership Marketing, which means that your road to marketing success is going to look different from mine or anyone else’s — because our businesses, clients, and industries are different, and I don’t believe there’s a one-size-fits-all marketing plan.


I did come across a couple of studies recently that presented a compelling argument that there’s one thing successful marketers DO have in common: …

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sales funnel stages

How to Use the Customer Awareness Spectrum to Write Exactly the Blog Post Your Customer Needs

You may have heard or thought about your sales funnel stages — the different steps your customer goes through on their way to buying your product. But what do you do if your customer doesn’t even know they need your product or service?

I’ve been working with a woman who does PR for the food and beverage industry. She knows that many restaurateurs could benefit from PR, but they don’t know what it is or what it could do for them.  She’s considered writing content to educate people about what PR can …

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5ws of creating your editorial calendar

The 5Ws of Creating Your Blog Editorial Calendar

What’s standing between you and content that improves your sales?

It could be that you just need to understand and create a framework for your content that will lead people toward a sale. 

So I thought I would share a full hour-long training on the subject this week — totally free (and no opt-in!) for the first time …

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Revolutionize your business with an editorial calendar

Why a Blog Editorial Calendar Could Revolutionize Your Business

Is your content working for your business?

By that I mean, are you getting the readers you want on your blog? Are your blog posts converting readers into buyers?

How much time do you spend writing your blog post every week? And is that time converting to more dollars for your business?

The sad truth is that for many people reading this, the answer is NO: no, their blog posts aren’t reaching the right eyeballs and converting those readers to customers. And so, QED, no, the time they’re spending on their blog posts …

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