Blogging is not content marketing.

Blogging is Not Content Marketing (And Other Ugly Truths)

Many years ago (we won’t say how many) I took a geology class in college. What a film major needed with geology — other than a science credit — is still a mystery, but I remember my geology teacher ranting about how people think mountains are somehow PUSHED up from underground fully formed. And she attributed this misinformation to an old Disney cartoon.

(I tried really hard to locate it for a .gif, but to no avail.)

I think I know how she feels, because there’s a common misconception in content marketing …

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What to Do When Your Content Marketing Plan is Overwhelming

I got to have coffee last week with two hot shot business strategists here in Denver, and we talked content marketing and business strategy for two hours. It was so great I actually forgot to buy myself a coffee. #nerds

My buddy Greg of was telling us about his awesome version of the customer awareness spectrum as it relates to automated email funnels, and it involves (at least) three separate funnels to help capture and nurture customers at different stages of their journey. 

Did that give you heart palpitations just now?  THREE …

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KPIs for Content Marketing

KPI for Content Marketing and the Allure of Vanity Metrics

So far, we’ve established that in order to be successful with content marketing in your business, you need to focus on strategic execution — that sweet spot between strategy and tactics — and that in order to come up with a strategy you can execute on, you must first understand your content marketing goals.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’ve gotten both those steps down: How will you know if your strategic execution is working as you go along?

The answer is …

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