More Email, Smaller List: Innovator Interview with Breanne Dyck

Have you had the experience where people opt-in to something, raise their hand and say they’re interested, but then don’t take action and buy?

Yeah, me too.

Breanne has an answer for that — and it’s about confirming a bias toward action when you’re segmenting your email list. And how she got rid of 90% of her list to do that.

*jaw drop moment amirite?*

If you have questions about how email marketing is working TODAY, how important your email list size is (hint: size doesn’t matter as much as you think), and …

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Pop-Up Podcasting, Taking Action, and FOMO: Innovator Interview with Adrienne Dorison

Adrienne Dorison just recently made her way into my sphere of friends and colleagues, but I’m so glad she did! Whip-smart, funny, organized and interesting, Adrienne is a former SCRUM and six-sigma facilitator turned business strategist for online entrepreneurs, and to my way of thinking, she brings a needed dose of REALITY to the online business world. 

She’s a big believer that we, as women entrepreneurs, need to get comfortable with our numbers and with making tons of money — and then making a huge impact with that money through a give-back program. …

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Innovator Halley Gray

Launching a Course with Instagram?! Innovator Interview with Halley Gray

Instagram is a fantastic visual platform, and loads of businesses do great on it — but they are mostly businesses with a visual product.  Think food bloggers, product-based businesses, style and fashion brands, travel brands, and so on.

But can you use Instagram when you have a digital product — when there’s no great way to take pretty flat-lay photos of it?!  (It’s hard to take pretty photos of a digi course or Facebook community…)

My guest on the first episode of my Innovator Interview series is Halley Gray of Evolve & Succeed, …

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