Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Newsletters (But Were Afraid to Ask)

With the new GDPR privacy regulations taking effect not only in the E.U. but for businesses worldwide who might do business with residents of the EU, many digital marketers are starting to rethink their lead generation strategy.

For one thing, privacy regulations have made it so that we must specifically and directly ask people to opt-in for our email list — instead of distracting them with the shiny object of a free download to get them on the list.

For another thing, many small business owners are realizing that they …

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Will GDPR Affect Your Content Marketing Efforts?

If you’re not yet aware, the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is going into effect in the E.U. on May 25th. 

This means if you’re located in the E.U., do business with any clients living in the E.U., or even just have people from the E.U. on your mailing list, you need to sit up and pay attention.

In super short layman’s terms, the GDPR aims to give individuals more control over their data and privacy, which means that if you collect any personal data from any person in the E.U., you must …

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When Your Business Changes, Bringing Your Audience Along for the Ride

This month, my baby turned seven, and my business turned six. 

A lot has changed since 2013:

I don’t change diapers any more.
I work while my baby is at school, instead of while she naps.
I have six team members, instead of doing everything myself.
My logo no longer looks like this: 
And I do a lot more than blogging these days.

Every business evolves

I saw a funny comment the other day that if Blockbuster had kept up with the trends, we might “Blockbuster and chill” instead of “Netflix and chill.” 

Businesses, like people, have to evolve and …

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If We All #DeleteFacebook Does Your Business Have a Plan?

Because they (allegedly) allowed a foreign company to steal personal data and thereby (potentially) influence the outcome of an important national election, Facebook is in a bit of a pickle.

The hashtag #deletefacebook has been trending.  Of course, I don’t personally think very many people will follow it up with any action, but it does beg the question:

If Facebook were to fall from favor with your audience of potential clients tomorrow, would you have a Plan …

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