Stop Acting Like You Know How to Do Email

Email is dead. Long live email. 

This is an ongoing debate in online marketing. 

Not only are we swamped by more email, we have a lot more other things competing for our attention. 

Plus, Google is giving the consumer tools to filter out a lot of those emails in the promotional tabs. 

But people still overwhelmingly say that if they want to hear from a company, they want to hear from you via email. 

So email is not dead. 

But it is changing. 

Because it’s not that people have stopped using email. It’s that they’re sick of …

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Would You Give $2 to A Potential Customer? This Company Did

So, I went to a conference a couple of weeks ago, and if you followed my Instagram stories, you probably saw that my FAVORITE swag that anyone gave out was a $2 bill stamped with the company name and logo.


(My husband immediately said, “THAT’S A FEDERAL CRIME! DEFACING MONEY!” But I’m not too worried about it.)


It was great! They had a big briefcase on their table full of $2 bills and they would give you one — in exchange for scanning your conference badge, which gave them your name …

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9 Steps To Attract New Audiences With SEO Keyword Research

You know you need to do keyword research. After all, you’re producing content to support your business growth, not writing a love letter to your grandma.

The goal is to get as many qualified leads as possible to find your post, including new people finding you through Google search. But how can you make sure that what you’re writing is what people are looking for?

The secret is to do the overall topic research before you begin your content planning, then fine-tune the keywords once the blog post is written.

How do I …

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Only 3.25% of Visitors Visit Your Blog (and Other Scary Statistics)

Last week, I attended the Digital Summit here in Denver, and I heard some pretty staggering statistics about the state of content marketing.

For example, Rand Fishkin gave a really interesting keynote on search and organic traffic from Google. Not gonna lie, some of it went over my head, but here was my big takeaway:

Eight out of every 10 searches done on Google today do not result in a click to a website. 

People click on native Google results (like to find out the hours of a restaurant) or get the information they …

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