3 Types of Content Strategy

When it comes to creating a Leadership Marketing strategy, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

We have to figure out how to combine three key elements — your brand voice, your ideal customer’s values, and market data — to create a strategy that will uniquely serve your business and your customers.

But one other key part of this is to understand your business’ goals for content marketing. If you don’t understand what result you want to achieve through content marketing, you’ll struggle to ever achieve it.

In general, there are three main types of …

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3 Questions About Successful Content Marketing

Recently, a woman in a business forum I belong to asked three very important questions about content marketing. I answered them for her there, and then asked her permission to share the questions and my answers for you here because I think these are the kinds of universal questions many business owners have, but may struggle to articulate — or be afraid to …

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Content Considerations for Each Stage of Business

At an event I attended recently, Greg Hickman shared what he called a Growth Ladder. It’s basically a chart of the problems, areas of focus, and team size for businesses at different levels.

What I found most interesting about this chart was seeing how certain marketing services fit in at different levels of business. So often, I see businesses trying to jump ahead in complexity in their marketing efforts unnecessarily.

For example, I was working with a new business recently on their home page copy, and the first and largest call …

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Are You All or Nothing With Your Marketing?


In marketing (as in life) many of us tend to have an all-or-nothing approach.

We go ALL IN on something — the new podcast, daily live videos, posting to IG stories, starting up the blog again, getting consistent about sending out email newsletters, driving traffic with ads, and definitely absolutely planning out our next launch more proactively…

(In fact, I see people all the time who get a serious case of FOMO {fear of missing out} if they aren’t doing all the things when it comes to marketing. As soon as they see …

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