{Case Study} How An Editorial Calendar Changed My Blog & My Business

It’s here!  The Content Intelligence Agency ! And I wanted to celebrate by spotlighting a student from January 2014 and how she has put what she learned in Blogstorm to use in her business.

When I ran Blogstorm the first time in January, one of my star pupils was a fellow professional copywriter, the lovely and talented Sarah Grear.

She was super active in the private Facebook group, and she had a ton of nice things to say about the course.  At first, I thought she was just being kind, because we were acquaintances and fellow copywriters.  Then I saw this:



Those weren’t just pretty words; that was a colleague, a copywriter I respected, telling me that I’d made a difference in her business.

Game changer, indeed.

So I asked the amazing Sarah if she would be willing to lend her experience with the Blogstorm program as a case study, and being the awesome human being she is, she obliged.

I’m wondering how you’ve used what you learned doing CIA in your business.

CIA was a huge help in my business, because I was able to get six months of blog content ideas clearly laid out in a sparkly new editorial calendar.

I had an editorial calendar set up before the course, but it was missing the specifics of topics and strategies. Basically it was nowhere near the final calendar I created during CIA.

One of my favorite parts about the strategies I learned from CIA was how to create my marketing calendar and lead up to a promotion. It was so fun looking at my content through this new lens that Lacy provided in the course.

I’ve continued to use the editorial calendar and I have started teaching these new strategies to my clients. This course was an investment in my own knowledge, but now anyone that works with me gets the benefit of what I learned as well.

Did it change the way you write your blog?

The editorial calendar has made writing my blog easier, because I don’t have to think about the topics any more. I can just cherry pick what I need from all the ideas that are already brainstormed and aligned with what’s going on that time of the year in my business or life.

Plus, my editorial calendar has saved me loads of time. Not just when I’m going to write new content, but also when I get new ideas I can just pop them into place without wondering where all my ideas should go.

How did it feel to be blogging with a strategy in mind based on your calendar?

It felt so good to put purpose into my writing versus just writing whatever was coming to mind at the time. CIA is an investment in your business growth and blogging is one of the most important foundations to share your voice and credibility with the world. Everyone in the group was super supportive and I was so happy about the results I got during the course. Not to mention the excitement I continue to feel from knowing that I have plenty of content to write as my business continues to bloom.

Here’s to amplifying our voices!

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7 thoughts on “{Case Study} How An Editorial Calendar Changed My Blog & My Business

  1. I can attest to how powerful and helpful having an editorial calendar FOR SURE. I was a complete stressed mess before it. I would spend hours (days) on my blog, sometimes just trying to come up with the “right” idea. Having preplanned topics and a strategy has completely overhauled my biz and my time!

  2. Great post! I totally agree with Sarah. Even though I’ve been a copywriter for 14 years, I learned a ton from BlogStorm. Lacy, you have such a gift for teaching and such a unique perspective on blog planning!

  3. Awesome opportunity to win a spot to tap into your wonderful knowledge base! I do admit to finding inspiration from daily occurrences sometimes to write a blog rather than scheduling them in advance according to a calendar…and when I do design a calendar, I sometimes don’t follow it…thanks for the push to work a bit harder at following a systematic process!

  4. Thanks, Lacy and Jessica! I love that no matter how far along we get in our writing journey there’s always more ways to refine our craft.

  5. Lacy,

    Love this case study. Thanks so much for giving us an inside peak at your program.


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