Are Webinars Still Relevant?

When was the last time you watched a webinar?

No, seriously. I’m curious! Hit me up in the comments and let me know.

For me, it was a couple of months ago. A sales strategist I know offered a paid webinar, and I ponied up my $10 to watch — and I think it was well worth my dollas to learn from her.

I used to watch a ton of webinars; I always figured, who am I to turn down free learning!  But then I started to get burned out on them. They all started to look the same.  You know what I mean…

  • A 20 minute “introduction” telling you how awesome the presenter is (usually complete with photos of them in a Lambo or tanning on a tropical beach somewhere)…
  • Maybe 10 minutes of actual teaching content that barely scratches the surface of the topic…
  • And then another 40+ minutes of sales pitch for something expensive to get the info I actually wanted.

Yawnsville. Also, it started to feel like a bait and switch.

Now, I’m not saying that webinars can’t still work to bring in new leads and sales for your business — they absolutely can. But you have to be more strategic about the way you do it.

That’s why when CDA team member Beth Hayden mentioned on our team call earlier this month that she was rolling out a new service to help people create more effective webinar funnels and pitches, literally every woman on the call perked up and got interested.

Beth is spot on that webinars do still work very well to make more sales for your business — when you set them up properly. But you have to be strategic about your content every step of the way, from the topic you choose to present to your landing page, through all your emails, to your pitch and finally your sales page. Every piece has to be carefully and thoughtfully crafted to be rocks in the river (my favorite metaphor) to lead your customer to a sale.

Check out Beth’s great blog post about how to make webinars work in 2019 — and if you’re interested in having Beth help you perfect your webinar funnel and pitch, click here to send me a message and we’ll put you in touch!

3 thoughts on “Are Webinars Still Relevant?

  1. I’m about to launch my first webinar as an opt-in so I can promote my course. But I do NOT want to present in a manner the majority have been doing it. I’m not going to toot my own horn for 30mins;just a quick & polite intro. Then I’d like to deliver some real valuable information for the next 30-45mins where the viewers actually get educated & not fluffed up like a show Pomeranian. Finally, it’s my plan to do a 5min enticing promo for my course, offered at a discount for those who watch the full webinar. Lastly, I’d like to conduct a 10min Q&A session.

    Nothing irks my nerves worse than starting a webinar that I was super excited about just to have an hour of my time wasted while ending up with maybe 5 sentences of useful notes.

    Thanks so much for this post-I look forward to gaining more knowledge once o click on the link in the post.

    Much love, blessings & positive vibes!

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