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40 Places to Promote Your Blog Post

When you spend a lot of time and energy creating a blog post, it’s an absolute waste not to spend some time and energy promoting it.  The more important/EPIC your post, the more time you should spend promoting it.

I generally have two lists. One list is places I promote my blog post every week, including my social networks, Facebook and Google+ groups, etc.  The other is for special, EPIC posts that I want to put more time and effort into promoting.

I recommend downloading this as a PDF list that you can save and refer to in the future — just click here to join our free resource library to grab it!

  1. Your call to action — ask for the share.
  2. Sharing buttons on your blog post.
  3. Tweetables in your post.
  4. “Share This” buttons on any multimedia in your post — especially “pin this” buttons for Pinterest.
  5. Your email newsletter.  (You do this already, right?)
  6. Twitter
  7. JustRetweet
  8. Facebook
  9. Facebook Groups
  10. Google+
  11. Google+ Groups
  12. LinkedIn
  13. LinkedIn Groups
  14. Pinterest
  15. Pinterest group boards — check PinGroupie
  16. Instagram
  17. Tumblr
  18. Periscope
  19. Social bookmarking sites in your niche
  20. Content aggregator sites in your niche — start with AllTop.com, Affposts.com, AffBuzz.com, and AffDaily.com
  21. Your email signature
  22. Social sharing group like The Network
  23. Email people you mentioned in your post
  24. @mention and tag people you mentioned in your post
  25. Medium.com
  26. Quora.com
  27. Blokube
  28. Skillshare
  29. Guides.co
  30. Slideshare, Slideworld, Slideboom
  31. Scribd
  32. Visual.ly
  33. Triberr
  34. Scoop.it
  35. TraffUp
  36. AddMeFast

Like this list?  Take a second and download it for future reference from our free resource library, and then use the red share buttons below to share it with your peeps — they’ll thank you for it!


2 thoughts on “40 Places to Promote Your Blog Post

  1. Some good ones here! I like the mention of your email signature … it’s simple and something a lot of people don’t think of but would definitely be effective!

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