{Blogspiration:} Compare Two Solutions (And Make Sure Yours is Better!)

A great way to introduce (or reintroduce, or re-reintroduce) your product or service to your readers is to compare it to another Compare Two Solutions (And Make Sure Yours is Better!) from ghostblogger.cosolution on the market.

There are two ways to go about this.

First, you could describe the Other Solution as the worst thing ever, possibly evil, and definitely bad for puppies and small children.  You can rant and rave if that’s your thing, and create a supervillain for your peeps to hate.  That’s a legitimate way to go about it and can be very powerful.

It can also generate some serious controversy, so be prepared for that if you’re going to go that route.

If you don’t want to demonize your competition, you can go about it a little differently.  For lots of problems, there is more than one solution.  The Other Solution isn’t necessarily wrong, it’s just different.

(And yours is just kind of inherently better, right?)  😉

Write a blog post comparing your product or solution to a competitor’s.

What you really want to do here, whichever route you go, is make sure that your solution comes out on top:

  • The easiest way to do this is when there’s a big price disparity between your product/service and the competition—either yours is VIP and theirs is cut-rate, or theirs is ridiculously expensive and yours is the much better deal.
  • Or maybe you deliver a lot more value for the same price as your competitors. Conversely, maybe you cut out the fluff and give them just what they need.
  • Maybe your solution is much easier to use; maybe it’s a better fit for your particular corner of the market for some reason.
  • And if you have statistics that show how valuable and efficient your solution is, use them! Facts sell.

But if you really want to intrigue people, you want to go a little deeper.  The average shopper can probably figure out whose service is cheaper, or which one is easier to use (probably—if you feel like you need to explain it, do!).

I love the Blue Ocean Strategy matrix for visualizing your unique selling proposition. In very basic terms, if you listed out all your selling points and all your competitors’, where would they be the most diametrically opposite?

This can be anything; it doesn’t have to be just that you are cheaper/more valuable.  Do you deliver better customer service? Do you have prettier packaging or a better brand experience? Do you personalize service instead of your customer feeling like a number?

Whatever differences—no matter how big or small—set you apart, they are each and every one worthy of a blog post, to make sure your potential customers understand how unique and amazing your business is.

Love it? Struggling? Let me know in the comments below. 

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