The 3 Questions You MUST Ask to Build a Strong Content Strategy

Super chuffed to be over at Copyblogger this week with a guest article on the three questions you must ask yourself in order to build a strong content strategy:


As a content strategist, I often hear from business owners who feel like they’ve tried every tactic in the book. Blog posts, podcasting, email marketing, Facebook Live, Instastories, YouTube — you name it, they’ve tried it.

But they haven’t seen the kinds of results they wanted or expected. And so they’ve become frustrated with content marketing altogether.

As we dig deeper, however, I usually discover they have one thing in common: no global strategy tying all those tactics together into a cohesive plan.

They’ve just been throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks — and spaghetti is not a strategy.

As different as all the businesses I work with are (from a guy who sells men’s clothing to a woman who coaches people through healing IBS and beyond), I start every Strategy Session with three basic questions.

The answers to those questions guide me as I craft a big-picture strategy to help them get the results they’re dreaming of, and they can help you do the same.

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