What Works in My Business

One of the business trends I see happening in my corner of the world is radical transparency, and this week’s content is definitely a move in that direction.

As my friend and mentor Tara Gentile rebrands her Profit. Power. Pursuit. podcast as What Works, she’s inviting past guests to come back and talk about what’s working now in their business — and I was first in the hot seat.


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This is a wide-ranging conversation that covers a lot of ground, but we talk about how I made the pivot from focusing on selling products to services, how I’m cultivating referrals in my business, and how I’m growing my business with a team. 

I go into detail about how I’m crunching the numbers to find out where most of my business actually comes from (and who they are), as well as how I’ve shifted my own content marketing strategy based on my business model and what I’m seeing happening in the industry.

Plus, Tara and I rag on Kohl’s department store and talk about freebies as “coupon” culture. 

If you’ve got questions, ask them in the comments below. And if you want more awesome content like this, check out the new What Works podcast on Apple or wherever you get your podcast goodness. 

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