Voice Identification Process


Is your content having an identity crisis?

You can't be anyone but yourself. Good thing you're amazing.

The key to creating content that fascinates and resonates with your ideal clientele isn’t about dressing up your words to sound like someone else.


You don’t have to try to sound smarter or funnier or more poetic or more business-like.


What you must do is identify exactly what makes you, YOU.


The same way a computer can recognize your voice and confirm your identity, you want your readers and clientele to be able to do the same. Your writing voice is the sum of the words and phrases, the stories and anecdotes that click in people’s minds and let them know they’re reading words that came from you.

Ready to unmask your unique voice?

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The Voice Identification Process follows three steps:


Diving deep and asking the tough questions to uncover what makes your brand voice uniquely you.

(No metal chairs or bare light bulbs required.)



Determining what your answers to the interrogation questions reveal about your brand,

your voice, and your purpose.



Using your work to create a Codebook for your brand (also known as a brand guide) so that you’re never at a loss for words. This document is your brand’s lexicon , and can be used to style everything from tweets to ebooks to courses and beyond. Use it yourself or distribute it to team members to ensure consistency.

the Voice Identification Process Debuts April 2015

voiceidentificationBOOK- D.I.Y. with a comprehensive worksheet and template for your own codebook

- Get feedback and support in a group setting 

- Or let me do the research and create a custom report just for you.


Your voice is your most important branding element.


Voice Identification Workbook

Voice Identification Masterclass

Personal Voice Analysis

Work through the Voice Identification Process on your own and at your own pace. Includes all the questions I ask my one-on-one clients as well as a template for creating your own brand Codebook.

Go through the Voice Identification Process in a group setting with additional personalized support from me on group coaching calls. Masterclass participants will also be inducted into a private group forum for collaborating with classmates and peers.

We collaborate one-on-one to go through the Voice Identification Process via phone or Skype. I’ll bring all my journalistic experience to bear interviewing you to unmask your true voice and then prepare your Codebook for you to use as you see fit. (Limited availability.)

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