Embrace Leadership MARKETING TODAY

You're a leader in your field — so why are you still following the crowd with your marketing strategies?

Find out how to avoid cookie-cutter marketing and start applying leadership marketing principles in your business for better results.

Leadership Marketing Combines 3 unique parts:

your brand voice

How you like to communicate (video, text, audio, etc.) and how you want your brand to be perceived.

Your audience's values

How your audience likes to receive information, what information they value, and where they go to find it. 

Your market data and trends

What the numbers say about where and how your customers engage, and what the wider market is doing around you.

Combine these three elements, and you've found your Leadership Marketing sweet spot.

In this free training, I share PRACTICAL strategies to get out of your marketing rut and create real momentum and sales with your content. We’ll cover:

  • The problem with following the content crowd.
  • How innovation is the new content creation.
  • How to assess your existing content marketing plan and gather the data that will inform your new plan.
  • Three steps to planning a creative content plan that converts.

Watch now, on demand!

Lacy Boggs is a writer, content strategist, director of the Content Direction Agency, and author of the bestselling Kindle book, “Make a Killing With Content.” She helps successful entrepreneurs create and implement strategic, innovative content plans.  Lacy’s words and strategies have helped hundreds of business owners create better content with less effort and more results — including driving more organic leads, better conversion rates, and ultimately more sales. 


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