What’s Your Special Sauce? {Blogspiration}

jealousyI’ve had a visit from the green-eyed monster over the last couple of weeks.

There’s a lady in one of my circles of acquaintances who is absolutely rocking her business right now.  And what does she do?  She’s a copywriter.  Just like me.  (We have totally different niches, but we’re both wordsmiths.)

She’s making a TON of money.  Her business is rocking, her list is growing, her blog posts are getting a TON of comments.

Oh, and she’s also SUPER skinny and cute and lives in a really fun place.

Can you say jealous?? That green-eyed monster was really rearing its big ugly head at me whenever I would see something from her pop up in my Facebook feed.

But I saw it for what it was pretty quickly, and I wanted to turn that negative energy around on its head pronto. I sent a message out into the universe congratulating her on her success, and thanking that same universe for giving me such a great example of what’s possible.

And then I got down to BUSINESS—the business of giving myself mad props.

Because you know what? I’m pretty special, too.

My business is growing—I’ve already met my sales goals for this month!

I am practically EXPLODING with ideas about what the next phase of my biz is going to be.  (Want to be the first to know? Be SURE to sign up for my newsletter. A little birdie told me I might be offering FREE beta testing!)

And—well, I’m pretty cute, and I live in a fun place, too!  😉

What makes you stand out from the crowd? Your USP.

This week, I want you to take a page from my playbook and make a list of what makes YOU awesome—especially compared to your competitors. What sets you apart?

Write a blog post that highlights your unique qualities (HINT: this is what business peeps call your “unique selling position”). And remember! All marketing is storytelling, and this is storytelling at its finest. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • What are you really selling? There’s an old adage for copywriters that says, “You’re not selling grass seed, you’re selling green lawns.” You might be a weight loss coach, but what you’re actually selling is a better body image.
  • What does everyone else do—that you don’t do? The classic example here is contractors who guarantee that they will be on time, because everyone hates waiting around in that “four hour window” for a service person to show up.
  • What do you specialize in? A particular location? A particular type of person? (HINT: this is your niche and your ideal customer!)
  • What’s your metaphor? I met a woman at a networking event who told us she was the belly dancer of copywriting—she made your words dance and sing. I loved it just because it’s so memorable!  A new client of mine is a personal creative director. LOVE IT.
  • Who are you in your business? Face it, doll, there’s no one quite like you! So bringing some personality to your business (and your blog) can really set you apart.

What’s your special sauce? Leave me a comment below and tell me what sets you apart from your competition!

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29 thoughts on “What’s Your Special Sauce? {Blogspiration}

  1. Great post and great tips!! As i’m incorporating more Art with my photography, I definitely need to update my copy and love the metaphor one. I never really thought about that, and it’s definitely giving me something to think about. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Ooh, i LOVE the what’s your metaphor question! I’m totally going to start working on that.
    I think maybe I’m some sort of de-scarifier, de-scary-fying networking. Or friend-maker. Hm, clearly needs more work.

    Thanks, great post!

  3. Great post Lacy and great questions to get us thinking about what makes us unique. I’ve been getting more clarity on this very thing in the last week, both in terms of what I offer and also what my client is really looking for, beneath the ‘problem’ she presents with. I will use your tips when planning my future blog posts – thank you!

  4. Hmm…what makes me stand out? I'm still trying to figure that one out! I'm a professional at what I do and have the qualifications AND experience to back it up, and I'm musical. I'm currently putting together an album of meditation music using 'real' instruments as opposed to synthesised sounds with my hubby who is a sound engineer – so that will help set me apart. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    1. That’s huge, Sonja! Look outside your “niche” when thinking about what makes you unique. For example, I’m a journalist and I have a bachelor’s degree in filmmaking, of all things—but that means I know how to tell a story, which is relevant to blogging.

  5. I’ve been a chef for almost 20 years and I’ve been teaching exclusively for the last 10 but I haven’t been serious about my online presence and marketing until this year with B school. So in a sense I’m a newbie. My site just launched last month and as I was writing the content I thought about this question a lot. How am I unique? I think it’s because I have the professional and life experience to approach how I teach cooking and what I cook from a holistic perspective and a place of wisdom. Food, believe it or not is just the forum for a much deeper teaching…that’s what I’m working on from the back burner, so to speak. Thank you for this post Lacy.

    1. A holistic chef in so many senses of the word—feeding the body and the soul! I love it, Silvia. Keep us posted!

  6. Great tips! I’ve definitely been visited by the green eyed monster… But you’re so right. Focusing on our USP makes it scurry away in a heart beat. I’m still working our bringing my USP front and center. I love talking about, and people often remember me by my stories about my travels. So I am giving myself permission to build lifestyle stories right into my business. It’s a process and I’m still working on it, but I’m enjoying it. 🙂

    1. Shana, this is SO RIGHT ON. A certain percentage of your blog posts can be 100% personal and entertainment for your audience, so blog posts that are straight up about your travels are perfect for that.

      But there are also ways to incorporate what I’m sure are AMAZING stories into business blogs as well. Think about the bigger lessons you’ve learned from your travels that your readers/customers could also benefit from. I bet you’ve got a treasure trove of topics right there.

  7. I’m so glad you brought that up. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. For me these lessons seems so clear, but I’ve been hesitant to talk about them too much for fear of veering off topic… weird thing is I make those connections when I talk to people in person all the time, and it never seems off topic. Just another reminder to stay true to your voice whether in person or writing. 🙂

  8. Lacy, loved what you said to Shana. I used to worry all the time that my readers wanted me to talk about food and not my philosophies. But it was by sharing the insights, the stories, the life lessons I learned through food that has kept them my readers for almost 8 years. Go for it Shana!

  9. Lacy,
    I resonated with the post and have definitely come face to face with the green- eyed monster..but then, I talk myself off the cliff by realizing that if I continue to show up as my authentic self, share my stories & vulnerabilities and connect with my tribe from that space, it doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing or saying. It keeps me going, and it keeps things real. Can I say that is my special sauce?
    Thank you so much for sharing your insights & wisdom with us.

  10. I'm working on this too. I have been a wellness coach for three years, but now I am realizing that what really sets me apart is that I am a mom of five who has detoxed body, home and mind. I want to focus on this in my business and let other busy moms know that they can do it too. Any tagline suggestions?

  11. Lacy, how do you always write the perfect article at the perfect time (for me)? I was just thinking that I'm due for such a post and you've just outlined the way to write it.
    My special sauce is presence. I coach clients who have had experienced tons of other healing modalities and come to me at the end of their rope because they 'know' how to live, but their life isn't reflecting that back to them. They are not experiencing themselves for the magnificent being they know they feel on the inside and are tired of things going wrong. I show up in total knowing of their well-being and allow grace to guide us on a journey to open the dungeons of their psyche to release any skeletons. The magic is that the skeletons become saviors to release the clients from self-imposed sabotage.

    Thank you mind-reader! 😉

  12. Funny, I have recently been trying to come up with a metaphor or just some kind of awesomely descriptive title for what I do and it just hasn’t been coming to me. My special sauce is helping people uncover parts of themselves that they’ve hidden away and using those as the pathway to discovering the work they were meant to do. A bit too wordy, no?

    It’s a work in progress but I love your tips for focusing in on that USP!

  13. Your accompanying photo drew me to read this one! I needed this as well. I love that you thanked the universe for the example of success it was showing you 🙂

  14. Dude, I just want to tell you that MY green-eyed monster came out a few weeks ago, when I learned about someone who seemed to be doing EXACTLY what I was doing…but better and with way more success.

    I remembered this post, dug it out and read it. It was SO helpful!

    I went through all of your questions, worked out why I had my own special sauce that this other person absolutely doesn’t, and stopped freaking out!
    There’s room for us all!


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