3 Little Words Got My Blog on a National TV Show

The Three Little Words that Got My Blog on a National TV Show

For those of you who don’t know, I run a food blog called Laughing Lemon Pie.  It’s sort of my testing ground for all sorts of stuff that I try out and then bring to my clients—well, the stuff that works, anyway!

About a month ago, I got an email from someone at The Better Show. I had never heard of it (so don’t feel bad if you haven’t either), but a friend of mine in the PR biz assured me it is a big, nationally syndicated show in more than 150 markets across the country.

And they wanted me to come on the show and represent my food blog.

Ho-ly smokes.

I don’t know exactly how they found me. (I’ve actually reached out to the person who originally emailed me to ask her how she found me—and I’ll update here if she lets me know.) But what I do know is that I never would have been found at all, if it weren’t for three very small but very important words in the meta data of my website.

In the meta data of my site, I include the words “Denver and Boulder.”

Why is that important?  Lemme ‘splain.

The Better Show was looking for local food bloggers in Denver, and while my site is not dedicated solely to the discussion of the food scene, I do sometimes review local places, so I put those words in the description of my site, aThe Better Shownd that has been HUGE for me, because now Google, and people using Google, know that I am local to Denver/Boulder, and when media companies—both local and, now, national—have gone looking for local bloggers, BING! I come up.

I know that I’ve been invited to restaurant openings, conferences, and been sent product samples all because people can target me as part of a local market.

A good friend of mine, Dani Gudowski of Charmellow designs recently had the same experience. A new client came to her out of the wild blue yonder, and when she asked where he’d found her, it turned out he’d searched for graphic designers in Cadillac, MI, where she lives.

Even if you don’t have a local or location-specific business, I cannot urge you strongly enough to put the name of your city, state, or metropolitan area in your site’s description!

  • When reporters are looking for a local expert, you’ll pop up.
  • When locals are looking for a local in your line of work, you’ll pop up.
  • When national press is looking for a local angle, you’ll pop up.
  • When local businesses want a blogger in your field to review their products, you’ll pop up.

Blogspiration: Go Local

And if you can, occasionally, work in some local flavor, DO IT.  An interior decorator might talk about her favorite shops in her town, a stylist might mention her favorite boutiques or local brands, even a business consultant can talk about local businesses getting it right.  You won’t alienate any of your national readers, but you will be positioning yourself as an expert in your locale.

And as for The Better Show? Well, I’ll be sure to let you know when my 15 seconds of fame air. 😉

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