No more Random Acts of Marketing:

Get exquisite support from your marketing team and get your audience primed to buy when it matters most.

You hired an implementer (or several) to help you create your marketing content — but it hasn’t gone exactly the way you hoped.

That content writer, or ads person, or social media manager (or all of the above) is amazing… but things still aren’t going as smoothly as you dreamed… 

  • Maybe they’re always waiting on you instead of creating things on their own — meaning you’re still the bottleneck.
  • Maybe you’ve unplugged yourself from the marketing grind — but haven’t figured out how to get your team fully plugged back in yet. 
  • Maybe it feels like the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing — there’s an email strategy and a social strategy and a podcast strategy… but no overarching plan that ties them all together. 

What if you or your team could take one piece of content and have a system that uses it to fill all your channels and results in 5 or 10x the amount of content from a single topic?

If you have awesome people on your team who are not getting you the results that you would love with your marketing or you have a strategy that you’re not implementing because your team isn’t sure how — this is for you.

Acting as your fractional CMO, I can help you devise a system that sows the seeds for a beautiful harvest of leads, yet requires minimum effort so you can:

  • Grow your social media channels and fill your Facebook group
  • Increase traffic to your website and blog posts
  • Improve downloads of your podcast or views of your videos
  • As much as 3x your email opt-ins inside of a month
  • Get your articles showing up on the first page of Google
  • Drive more quality engagement on all your content.


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Here’s how it works:

We start with your business goals. Any good strategy must start by understanding the overall goals, and where you want to go determines the tactics we’ll use to get there. We’ll match your business objectives with the right content strategy to support them.

We tell the story of your customer journey. Understanding how customers find you, get to know you, and decide to trust you is key to knowing what kinds of content they need to receive from you. We’ll also sniff out any holes in your content marketing strategy at this stage.

We define your content flow. We’ll identify your primary content type and channels, and then how that will flow into your secondary channels to create a harmonious content ecosystem. We’ll create a unique flow based on your unique strengths — both as a team and an individual. 

We create frameworks and systems your team can follow. Once we understand these core elements, we will create your custom Primed to Buy Framework. Your team will be able to use this framework to create all the content your business needs to attract and nurture leads.  

The question of “what” to talk about is the easiest part — that’s why there’s a glut of $37 products that will give you hundreds of topics and prompts for your content.

Understanding the who, when, where, why, and how of your content marketing is the more important part. 

Once you answer these questions and put them into a framework, it creates a Primed to Buy content strategy that you and your team can use over and over again to create content that truly supports your business goals and makes you more money! 

I have almost a decade of experience designing custom marketing strategies for more than 100 businesses. I understand how all the pieces in the ecosystem work together, and I’m very keen on making sure you get the best bang for each piece of content buck, which means repurposing it, rather than staying on the hamster wheel of always creating something new. And we’re going to be training your in-house marketing team, so that by the time you have something to sell to your people, you have pre-qualified people who are primed to buy.

We’re going to make sure people see what you’re creating in many different ways, on different channels, so that your time and effort is rewarded rather than just getting lost in the noise. What happens next? You’ll roll into your next launch or promotional period with a larger audience, warmer leads, and will be able to make more money. 

  • Team Intensive: 

    • A 3-hour session with you and your team to go over your goals, understand your existing marketing efforts, and come up with solutions to your biggest content frustrations.
    • A custom Primed to Buy weekly content flow based on your unique strengths as a business and team. 
    • Recording and transcript of our call.


  • Team VIP Day: 

    • Morning session with CEO + team to go over your goals, understand your existing marketing efforts, and come up with solutions to your biggest content frustrations.
    • Afternoon session just with the team to co-create the systems and processes together. 
    • A custom Primed to Buy weekly content flow based on your unique strengths as a business and team. 
    • Recording and transcript of our calls.
    • 2 weeks additional email or Voxer support for your team as they implement the systems. 
  • Ongoing Support:

    Help your team to support you with 3, 6, or 12 months of additional expert support from me as your “fractional CMO” — but only for as long as you need me. 

    • Monthly call with CEO + team to keep everyone on track
    • Weekly calls + email or voxer availability to marketing team/implementers
    • Troubleshoot what’s working, what’s not, how to replace it, and with what. (We don’t know what’s going to break until it breaks!) 


These support packages are designed to help you and your team find your stride as you implement the frameworks and systems we come up with, gain confidence as a team, and feel confident as the CEO that you can trust your team to do a good job. 

The ongoing support package is also PERFECT to help support your team through a launch or as you convert a product from a launch model to a new evergreen model. 

The 3-month package is perfect for an existing team that needs some support becoming more streamlined. The 6-month and 12 month packages are a great fit for a brand new team or a team of more junior implementers. 

The investment for the one-day intensives is between $3,500 and $5,000.  Support packages start at $3,500 per month.

Bring in a fractional CMO for less than the cost of your last high-ticket coach and get laser focused support to create the results you want with your marketing. 

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