Finding Your Primility: A Conversation with Jerod Morris

Do you ever have trouble finding balance in your work?

When I sat down to talk with Jerod Morris, director of content at Copyblogger Media and author of the site, Primility, our conversation quickly turned to the idea of balance. 

Before he came up with the idea of primility — the balancing of pride and humility — Jerod found he often threw himself into projects he was excited about, going from zero to 60 in nothing flat, and then burned out before too long. 

I too have struggled with finding balance, both as an entrepreneur and as a content creator. When I first started this business, I realized that I wasn’t directly attracting new VIP ghostblogging clients through my blog, but I was attracting a following by writing about how to blog more effectively.

My pride told me that I was putting out quality content that people wanted to read, but my humility made me ask why. Was that content just to stroke my ego? What was the point of it?

That’s when I decided to pivot my business model to serve these DIY bloggers I was attracting and writing for. I would still serve my one-on-one clients, but I could also put my knowledge to work and serve bloggers who wanted to learn to blog better for themselves.

That’s when I created my Content Intelligence Agency, and why I’ve created the new Eyes Only Content Library 

for people who want to learn a step-by-step system for improving their blogging (for free, by the way).

Finding that balance between my pride (I want to teach people what I know) and my humility (I need to do it in a way that serves them and my business) led to a pretty big business breakthrough for me, and it’s an excellent framework for approaching almost any work or life challenge.

In this interview, Jerod and I talk about:

  • The importance of primility in your work, your daily life, and in discovering your writing voice.
  • How to overcome the inertia of fear when it comes to writing.
  • What authenticity is (and ISN’T) in writing.
  • Finding help when you need it.

I love that Jerod kind of made a pitch for my services there at the end. 😉 In fact, I’ll be launching a service in April that does help you find your voice, so watch this space!

Of course, this is only a small part of our full conversation. If you’re interested in seeing the full-length interview and learning more about what Jerod has to say on primility, authenticity, and overcoming your fear, I’ve uploaded it to the Eyes Only Content Library

. In it you’ll learn more about:

  • The idea that pride and humility are opposing ideals that we’re always struggling with. 
  • The good and bad elements of both pride and humility and the big payoff to working on finding balance between these two.
  • How paying attention to your feedback loops with your readers with both pride and humility will serve you in finding your voice. 
  • The danger of sharing meaningless things just for the sake of “authenticity.”
  • And more.

Now over to you:

How do you balance pride and humility in your life? What challenges can you reframe through this lens? I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions in the comments below.


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