Understanding your own individual voice is essential to creating copy that connects with your most valuable customers.

Clearly differentiate yourself from the competition, easily create copy that sounds and feels like you (even if you outsource), and attract the customers that want to do business with you, so you make more money with less effort.

In this free workbook, you'll learn the three important steps to the Voice Identification Process: 


This process is intense, and can be a little uncomfortable at times—but not in a single bulb on a string, tied to a metal chair sort of way. You’ll examine your existing writing style, the words you use, the way you use them, and the goals you have for your copy. You can print this part of the workbook, or type directly on the page.


This process takes the raw material you provided in the Interrogation, and synthesizes it into some general statements to help you understand your writing. This is where you’ll make a few decisions about how your writing voice applies to your brand, and discover your brand hook. Break out your highlighters and colored pens: you’re going to want them! 


The process involves creating your Codebook: a document that will catalogue all the information you’ve learned about your brand voice and how you will apply it to all aspects of your brand experience — from your website copy to your business cards and from your tweets to your voicemail message. This is the document you’ll want to save and share with any team members helping create your message.

When you understand your brand voice you will: 

  • Feel confident that you can be yourself in your copy — and know how to do that
  • Have a strong brand hook that differentiates you from anyone else in your field
  • Be able to communicate a clear brand voice to freelancers and team members, no matter what the project
  • Attract the right customers who can’t wait to do business with you — at any price point!


Lacy Boggs is a writer, content strategist, director of the Content Direction Agency, and author of the bestselling Kindle book, “Make a Killing With Content.” She helps successful entrepreneurs create and implement strategic, innovative content plans.  Lacy’s words and strategies have helped hundreds of business owners create better content with less effort and more results — including driving more organic leads, better conversion rates, and ultimately more sales. 

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