Liveblogging Derek Halpern Live on CreativeLive

My Notes from Derek Halpern’s free online training with CreativeLive:

This is just straight from their mouths to my fingers (ew?) to your eyes: my notes from this cool free online training.  Check it out.

Generating Leads from your Blog or Website:

  • What do you ask them to tell you when they opt-in? First name, email address, but what else? Find a simple question that tells you who they are. (Are they a potential customer, or are they a competitor?)
  • Giveaway something that precedes the sale: That’s your opt-in freebie.
    • Create a bribe that DIRECTLY precedes the sale
    • Create a bribe that’s for your POTENTIAL customer, not existing customers
    • Create a bribe that cures 1 problem for your customer—and then tells them that you solve all their other problems with your paid service
  • Here’s what you need to do:
    • Identify your ideal customer
    • What is the result they want from you?
    • What do they need in place BEFORE you can give them that result? <– THIS is your freebie content.
  • Partner with another provider if you need other expertise to provide that freebie content.
  • Do an event with a vendor and share customers… create cross promotion…

Landing Pages

  • A page that asks people for their info—with a bribe
  • More landing pages= more leads
  • Have content funnel people to landing pages to collect leads
  • Different giveaways on different pages
  • Different pages lead to different results — refine sales process and figure out exactly why people are buying your product
  • As soon as someone buys, send them to a survey page to ask them why they buy—then reverse engineer the answers into landing pages
  • Landing pages convert as much as 20–50%, whereas content is only 1–2%
  • No distractions: Just an opt-in offer.

Advanced Lead Generation Online

  • What else can you do to attract leads? Cross Promotion
  • Easiest way: find someone who has leads and convince them to share them with you
  • Who do you want to partner with?
    • direct competition: might have too many customers and want to send some to you; might not have enough experience; not the best fit
    • related companies: (not in direct competition; serving same customer base) overlapping audience;
    • other people
  • Cross promote with: people you respect; people who have an audience you want; and never promote just because you’re friends
  • The Power of Facebook Ads
    • You can buy quality leads for cheap
    • Target the exact customer you’re looking for
    • How do you figure out what to target?
      • Pick precise targeting:
      • Who are your competitors
      • What else does your ideal customer use (or need)?
      • What magazines do they read?
      • What events would they go to?
    • 2 types of ads: sidebar ads; promoted posts (crushing it for Derek)
    • Never direct people to homepage: send them to landing page
  • The Power of getting interviewed
    • The main topic of an interview is YOU (guest post, main topic is the content)
      • Find someone like you who was interviewed recently
      • Get interviewed at that same channel,
      • or by someone who competes with that channel

Connect in 60 Seconds or Less

  • More likely to buy from someone you know like and trust.  We choose our authorities.
  • The big 3 things that have to happen on your website:
    1. Get their attention
    2. Make a connection
    3. Take action
  • In some ways, we are the worst judge of what should be on our sites.  We’re too close to it.
  • Parallels between comedy and marketing
    • Quickly define who you are and get their attention
    • People secretly want you to fail when they hit your website (so they don’t have to buy from you!)
    • In comedy you get 10 seconds; in marketing you’ve got 5.
    • In comedy, you cast a wide net; in marketing you have a narrower audience
    • In comedy, the action you want is applause; in marketing the action is money (getting it).
    • In marketing, money is applause. TWEETABLE!
  • Story is king.
    • How we connect
    • Easiest way to connect with people.
    • How we relate information to others, how we retain information, how we reciprocate (when you share a story, people want to share a story with you)
    • Create a connection
    • Use your own stories to sell more without being salesy.
  • Use the Persona Joke Formula (hook) to tell your story in 60 seconds or less:
    • Identity
    • Struggle (problem)
    • Discovery (your product/service)
    • Surprise or RESULT (This is why you’re telling the story in the first place.)
    • Then include your Call to Action: “If you’d like to know what this result is, enter your email for the free report…”
  • People want a little hype.  They want a promise.
  • KLT: Know Like and Trust
    • Know: reveal yourself in a relatable way
    • Like: win respect with authenticity
    • Trust: share your struggles and secrets
  • Break through the professional veneer without looking unprofessional
  • Works for any market
  • Focus on the story that’s most relevant to your industry and business
  • No harm in a 60-second video that tells them everything they’re looking for on your website.
  • Testimonials are key.
    • Great way to present yourself and your customers’ stories.
    • Use the same formula to present your customers’ stories
    • Four levels of quality
      • written
      • recorded
      • photos
      • video—take the best quote from the video and put it above or below the video
    • Provide your customers a comfort level: get on the phone, record a skype chat, etc.
    • People want to hear the truth, want to hear how your customers went through the process.
  • Great starting point for an elevator pitch.

Here’s mine:

Hi, I’m Lacy, the Ghostblogger, and I’ve been blogging since before it was a thing. (I literally used to update the html on my website every day in the 90s). I knew I was writing great content, but I never managed to get any traffic beyond my family and friends. Then, I discovered that I could translate my skills as an award-winning journalist into content marketing tactics and grew my blog’s readership more than 800 percent in a single year. Click here (CTA) to find out how I can do the same for you.

What do you think?  🙂

OMG!  They chose mine to review in the “hotseat”!!  Kevin and Derek suggested I be more specific about one thing I discovered, to give it a name, and to avoid using jargon like “content marketing tactics.”

Melanie Duncan: Get Free Press

  • How can press help you sell online?
    • Exposure
    • Trust/authority
    • branding
    • connections
  1. Invest in your images (high-end, professional photography).
    • Pays for itself ten-fold.
    • Press loves good images. (SO TRUE! From experience.)
    • People share quality: think Pinterest, FB, blogs, etc.
    • Branding: fake it until you make it.  If you want top press, you have to look like a top brand.
    • If you work in consulting or service, have some great headshots.
    • Watermark photos with your url.
  2. Do Blog Giveaways
    • Contact a bunch of blogs in your niche and offer to give away one of your best-selling products or services.
    • Have them like you on FB or Pin something to enter, then link to it in comments. {NOTE: I love Rafflecopter for this.}
    • Give everyone a discount when you announce the winner.
    • Pros: get a lot of traffic; very little upfront cost; SEO (back links from other major sites); tie in social media; easy to track ROI
    • Cons: not a huge brand booster; does require some upfront work; momentary spike; works best en masse (try to get a minimum of 10–15 blogs);EXERCISE: Make a list of 5 blogs in your industry.
  3. Pitch media—with this email formula
    • Keep it short: Start with specific praise. Clearly and concisely introduce yourself—one sentence—with a hook.  Why is this relevant?  Name drop.
    • Add value: How can you help them? Offer to use your position or connections to help them out. Make yourself a research.
    • Do your research: Why is your product or service a good fit for their audience? Make sure they know you understand their audience.
    • Make it easy: Provide instructions, text, and images.  Be very specific.  Make it a no brainer.EXERCISE: Write a quick email to one of those 5 blogs using the formula above.
  4. Press Kits=FAIL
    • People tell business owners to make a press kit, but they rarely work.
    • Trade shows are another dying trend.
    • UNLESS you hire a PR agency, because they have connections, and people will open press kits from them.  (But not from you.)
  5. How to get National TV Exposure
    • TV producers look to the internet for the hottest new brands
    • Most people think about it backwards; but once you’re featured online, the major media will come to you.
    • Media loves a good angle or story.  “Craft” your story (don’t lie); create a dramatic story around what you’re doing.
    • They are open to being pitched.  Don’t be afraid to email again and again (something different every time).
    • Talk shows=audience gifts. Very common. (Oprah is to blame!) 🙂
    • Make sure to fight for a strong CTA like a “limited time only” discount.  Because TV watchers are very passive.
    • Have them use a trackable coupon code—so you know how many people came from that show.
    • Be prepared:
      • Have last minute samples
      • Offer sharp discounts
      • Lots of communication and coordination
    • Pros: huge brand booster; massive exposure; domino effect;
    • Cons: high maintenance; passive viewership (quantity over quality); steep discountscan you handle the demand?;
  6. Break into editorial
    • comes down to connections
    • give before you ask for anything: what can I give? how can I promote you?
    • attend conferences and events — meet people in real life
    • show support for those media outlets on social media {<—this got me a guest posting gig on one of Martha Stewart’s websites}
    • comment on their articles and blog posts
    • be a connector—become the person in your industry who is making those connectionsEXERCISE: Make a list of 3 sets of people that you could introduce to one another.
    • The personal feature focuses on you
    • the product feature features your products
    • share your story
    • PROS: editorial branding, digital links, content
    • CONS: small world, expensive
  7. Feature a gallery of your press online

 Pat Flynn: Be Everywhere (multiple channels)

  • Building a website is like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean: we just hope the right people find our important message.
  • Location, location, location: be everywhere
  • integrate your website, podcasts, and video channel
  • You’re leaving a huge audience behind by not exploring channels beyond blog/website.
    • 50% of his audience found him from outside his website
  • You become more authoritative in your niche with multiple channels
  • Accessing people no matter how they like to consume content: reading, listening, or watching
  • No excuse for people not to find you when you have a strategy like this.
  • By putting yourself on multiple platforms, you’ll stand out from the crowd.
  • Discoverability, stick-ability, share-ability — be everywhere cycle
  • not as much work as you might think
  • Puts you right up there with the “big guys” in your industry
  • Start with what you’re most comfortable with
  • Don’t know what to podcast/video about? Try testimonials; you’re not doing the selling, your clients are.
  • Website: your website is your hub
    • Make sure it’s set up to properly accept all the traffic you’re going to generate
    • Discoverability:
      • SEO
      • Quality and quantity of content (you need both to get discovered)
      • Build relationships with influencers
    • Stickability:
      • First impressions: Ask people what they notice first. (You are too close!) You only have about 7 seconds to let people know if they’re in the right place.
      • User-friendly / easy navigation: people online are super lazy. Make sure they don’t even have to think to do what you want them to do on your site.
      • Give away massive value
      • Make it easy to subscribe and ask multiple times
      • Social proof: testimonials, likes, shares, retweets, etc.
    • shareability
      • ease of sharing
      • CTA
      • follow up
  • Podcasts
    • Huge untapped and growing audience
    • Put yourself next to the big guys
    • Your “stadium” — speaking to a room of 30,000 people who want to hear what you have to say
    • Building a deeper connection with your audience
    • More authority and respect
    • Discoverability
      • Getting started is the hardest part (
      • Keyword optimize the title, description & host name
      • High quality podcast logo—apple likes to feature nice artwork
      • Connections and relationships with others (bring experts on or customers)
      • Sharing to your existing audience
      • Reviews and ratings
    • Stickability
      • Get rid of the fluff—start delivering value right away
      • Captivate and capture attention immediately —tell people right away why they should keep listening
      • Get personal (include stories)
      • High quality audio
      • Consistency
      • Asking people to subscribe (CTA within the podcast)
      • Getting people involved (call out real people who have left reviews, etc.)
    • Sharability
      • Ask people to share
      • create useful show-notes
      • Bring the WOW (amaze the heck out of people)
      • Follow up with people you interview (say thanks and give them the link)
  • YouTube Videos
    • Video-perfect content: tutorials how to step by step
    • get personal
    • SEO integration (YouTube is owned by Google)
    • Relatively quick to produce
    • Higher perceived value
    • Discoverability
      • Record content people want
      • keyword driven standout titles
      • eye catching thumbnails
      • optimize your channels
      • Create playlists
    • Stickability
      • Structure: intro, bumper, meat, summary, call to action
      • Length: 5-10 minutes (with exceptions)
      • High video and audio quality
      • Minimize the talking head (cut to other things, like slides)
      • CTA at the end: ask people to subscribe
      • Ask to leave a comment & participate
    • Sharability
      • Ask people to share
      • link to videos on Facebook
      • do a “Derek Halpern” series: interviewing experts or become an expert on someone else’s site
      • create epic content
  • When everything is connected, it takes your brand to a whole new level
  • Isn’t this too much work? It’s supposed to LOOK like it’s a lot of work.
  • Try switching out one blog post for a video or podcast
  • Opportunity is everywhere.  Being everywhere opens up new opportunities.

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  1. Great overview, Lacy. Derek gave a terrific presentation, as always. It was great to see Melanie Duncan and Pat Flynn on CreativeLive, as well. I saw Derek as a guest on Lewis Howes presentation with James Wedmore awhile back- an equally impressive course. My guess is this was the lead-in to a future showcase event for both Melanie and Pat. Maybe we can somehow get on as guests. Or even better- as presenters! Seattle here I come!

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