How to Calculate Your ROI with Marketing Metrics

I love sharing useful freebies with you guys, and I found a great one today!

Hubspot is offering a free report that shows you how to calculate six important marketing metrics that you as a small business owner actually care about.

“Marketing metrics” is just business jargon for equations that show the ROI of your investments.

(ROI? Return on investment. In other words, what you’re earning compared to what you’re spending.)

Here’s the link to the report. (I don’t get anything from sharing this other than warm fuzzy feelings.)

Your BLOG is a big part of your online marketing effort.  In fact, it should be the nexus of your social media strategy. Luckily, blogs can be a great return on investment because they don’t cost very much to set up or operate.  (In fact, even hiring someone—like yours truly—to help you with your blog can be a very affordable investment.)

Have you ever sat down to calculate the ROI on your marketing efforts?  What did you learn?  Let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “How to Calculate Your ROI with Marketing Metrics

  1. Since coming online and dropping my offline business, I am here to help out, give some insight where needed, and if I make money through the money that’s a good thing.

    Though, I am not here to specifically make money. I don’t need to work so the time I do spend here is basically FREE time to do as I please. If I help people through the process – all the better!

    So ROI means nothing to me in terms of earnings. I get the greatest return on investment simply helping others get what they want.

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