In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday this week, I thought I’d take a break from our regular blogging schedule to express my gratitude for some of the people in my life who make running this little micro-business easier, more productive, and more fun!

My Coworkers

First and foremost, I want to say a big honkin’ thank you to the people who make the day to day running of my biz go so much more smoothly. Although they’re not employees, I still consider them my honored coworkers!

  • Emily Klopstein is my gal Friday. We met at a moms’ group and when it clicked in my little brain that she was considering some sort of very part time work and I was needing a very part time Virtual Assistant, I asked if she wanted to work from me. The rest, as they say, is history. Not only does Emily help keep the biz running smoothly, she is also my superhero researcher, providing invaluable reports for clients about where they should concentrate their guest blogging efforts, and she’s a contributor at my personal food blog — because she’s a pastry chef too! (I highly recommend having an assistant who is also an accomplished pastry chef!)
  • Teri Vannoy, owner of Teriva Solutions, came on in late 2014 as my first-ever associate writer, when a client approached me that I knew we could help, but my calendar was already full with other client work. I hope to utilize Teri more in 2015! (If you’re interested in chatting with me about it, let me know!)
  • James Krener of Krener Bookkeeping & Tax saves my bacon regularly when it comes to my bookkeeping. I’m a words person, he’s a numbers guy, and together we get along great. He makes it all seem so easy!

My Mastermind

Apart from the people who actually work with me on a day-to-day basis, my gals in my mastermind group are the people who keep me grounded and keep me moving forward.

  • Kuvy Ax and I started it all, and she’s still my number 1 fan (and the feeling is mutual!). Kuvy runs ROOT PR, a boutique PR agency for companies and restaurants with big hearts and big ideas.
  • Jessica Mehring of Horizon Peak Consulting joined us this year and has been an amazing addition to the team. Jess is a copywriter, but she and I prove that there’s no such thing as competition — we have such different niches and complementary talents that we feel totally comfortable sending one another referrals and sharing our biz strategies. Nothing but love here.
  • Summer Howard and I met when we both started BSchool — three years ago! She’s an intuitive relationship coach at Bridge to Bliss and is taking her business in exciting new directions in 2015!!

My Pros

I also have a cadre of pros that I’ve been lucky enough to work with who make me look awesome.

  • Sarah Ancalmo of Public Persona is my business BFF. She was my client first, and now I’m her client too, and it’s basically just a mutual admiration society around here. Sarah is helping me reimagine my brand to make room for things to come, and I can’t speak highly enough of her creativity, experience and professionalism. TOP DRAWER.
  • Monica True is the ridiculously talented photographer that Sarah recommended for my new brand photos. Along with hair and makeup guru Myken Garcia, they made me look and feel more beautiful than I ever have in my life. I’m so pumped to share these images with you soon!
  • Nathalie Doremieux, of WP Help Club, is the one who will be turning Sarah’s amazing designs into WordPress reality. Which is pretty much magic as far as I’m concerned.
  • Tara Gentile is my business coach extraordinaire, and I’m so ridiculously glad I took the plunge and joined her 10,000 Feet program this year! I’m so inspired by the way she runs her own business and how generous she is with her time and knowledge. I feel like I’m growing every single week of this program!

My Programs & Services

As a micro-business owner, you know I rely on a lot of SaaS solutions, programs, and apps to be able to run my business as light and fast as possible. These are some of the ones I can’t live without.

  • Wave is a totally free invoicing & accounting solution that’s getting more robust all the time. Combined with Stripe, I can accept credit cards right on my invoices, it pulls in all my transactions (so there’s no data entry) and spits out all those fancy reports you might need. It also does payroll, which I haven’t needed yet — but might someday!
  • CoSchedule is my go-to editorial calendar and social media scheduling app. The thing that makes it awesome is that you can schedule your Facebook posts, Tweets, etc. directly from WordPress with a preview of exactly how the post will look. (No more “I don’t know why it pulled that picture!”)
  • Zippy Courses is new to my toolkit, but I’m already so impressed. It makes creating courses, membership libraries, etc. so incredibly easy and intuitive. It’s all point and click — no shortcodes needed — which makes it awesome in my book.

My Peeps

Of course, there are other people out there who make this whole thing possible that, on first glance, don’t have anything to do with my business.

  • My amazing husband. He was brave enough to say, “Go for it,” when I told him I wanted to quit my job, have a baby, and try building a business from home. He’s been my biggest supporter ever since.
  • My sweet baby girl. (Who is actually not technically a baby any more and would vociferously argue that she is a BIG GIRL, thank you very much.) You’re my raison d’etre, baby, and the reason for all of it.
  • The wonderful people at Betty Adams Early Childhood Center, Kidstown drop-in daycare, and my bestie, Wendy, who together create the network of childcare I rely on to get my work done and know that my baby is safe and loved.

Who and what are you grateful for? Who makes your business possible? Take a second and tell them thank you. An attitude of gratitude is half the battle sometimes!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Aww, Lacy! Thanks for the shout-out! I do love how we share knowledge and resources. I just hope I’ve been as much of a help and support to you as you have been to me. Go team! (We have SO got to come up with a name for our mastermind group!)

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