Create a Content Marketing Plan
that Drives More Leads,
More Sales, and More Confidence

Plan Your Editorial Calendar the Way the Pros Do

With CIA in 90 Days, we will create a content marketing plan that will support your business goals. Confidently create content faster, more efficiently, and more effectively than you ever dreamed possible.

Make creating content faster, more efficient, and more PROFITABLE than you ever dreamed possible.

create your plan in just 1 day!

Use our proven system to set goals, define metrics, and create an editorial calendar for the next 90 days with expert help and support during our VIP planning day. Stop procrastination in its tracks and get it done!

Turn Your Content
Into Cash

Stop screaming into the wind and start creating content that will actually support your business goals — we show you how to plan your content with the sale in mind and even plan out your entire next product launch.

Get support and accountability

Join us in a private group setting for 90 days of goal setting, accountability, and support. Get your questions answered on group coaching calls so that you never feel stuck. And get paired with an accountability buddy!


The short answer? Yes.

But let's face it: Creating new content every single week can be a drag — especially when your content isn't getting the results you were hoping for. 

My clients and I have learned this the hard way.

You can blog ’til you’re blue in the face... and not see a single sale from it.

You can produce incredibly valuable, in-depth, emotionally moving content... that doesn’t result in a dollar of additional revenue for your business.

And you can have a post go viral, reach tens of thousands of new potential customers... and only see a handful of new email opt-ins for your trouble.

That can be depressing for anyone!

But what if you could: 

  • Learn to create content that speaks to the right customer with the right message at the right time to prime them to be ready to buy…

  • Plan out your content well in advance so that you’re never rushed or stuck feeling “page fright” when you don’t know what to talk about… 

  • Launch products and services or promotions with confidence that you’re supporting your sales goals with content… 

  • Get professional support (and an accountability partner!) at every turn to ensure that you’re creating the most effective content possible to reach your goals… 

  • Feel confident that your content is cohesive and smart, valuable to your audience, and centered around a plan (not a wish and a dream)...

And it all feels easier, more fun, and more effective than ever before?

Here's the thing:

Content marketing works, but not all blogging is content marketing.

In order to put the power of content marketing to work for your business, you need to have a plan.


  • You know you’re “supposed” to be blogging, but it doesn’t seem to be leading to any sales…

  • Your community gets excited about reading your blog posts, but then they don’t buy when you make an offer…

  • You feel like you’re creating a lot of valuable content, but you’re not getting any engagement. It feels like you’re speaking to an empty room; you publish and hear nothing but digital crickets...

  • Your launches are rushed, stressful, and less profitable than you know they could be…


  • Creating content becomes easy and efficient, every time you sit down to write. No more writer’s block.

  • You know exactly what to talk about, when to post a particular topic, and most importantly, why.

  • Your opt-in rate will increase dramatically — and more leads equals more sales without any more work from you.

  • Launching a product and making sales becomes easier than ever, all because you’ve primed your readers for the sale with your content.

  • You can easily outsource more tasks to your team because you have a plan that everyone knows how to follow.

  • You can scale your content efforts — now or in the future — much more easily because you have a system and a plan.


We've had hundreds of business owners go through the Content Intelligence Academy System. What do our past students think of the process?

Got SO MUCH from the first module alone. Finding my why (again) with exercises that were spot on and brought instant clarity. 

Anne Vibke Svendsen-Tune


It's literally cut through years of me going in circles in just a few minutes. Still shell shocked!

Lisa Zoe Morgan

Divine Femenine Coach

DONE. I-have-an-editorial-calendar. I HAVE AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR! This feeling alone was so worth it to do CIA!

Priscilla Rovers

Organic Skincare Formulator

Over the last two days I have had over 140 entrepreneurs sign up for my free course. This sh*t works!!!

James Krener


CIA in 90 Days is the fast track to clear, effective content and launch planning. 

Unlike most courses about blogging, CIA in 90 Days is focused on putting strategy into action. We commit to creating your content plan in one focused VIP day, and then support you in putting that plan into action over the next 90 days.You come away with a marketing plan that tells you not only WHAT to write about, but also WHY you’re writing that particular post at that particular time and HOW it’s going to lead directly to your next sale.

Not another course or DIY experience, CIA in 90 Days is a unique hybrid that combines live expert training, small group coaching, accountability, and support.

CIA (in this case) stands for Content Intelligence Academy, and it’s our proprietary system for creating marketing plans that generate more traffic, more leads, and more sales for businesses. 

We start with a live VIP planning day, in which Lacy will lead you through the CIA system for creating a content plan that supports your business goals. We will define goals and metrics for your marketing, brainstorm topic ideas, and build a 90-day editorial calendar around your sales goals. At the end of the day, you walk away with a complete editorial calendar that you and your team can use to produce regular weekly content and/or specialized launch content.

But the support doesn’t end there! 

After the VIP planning day, you have access to a private group for support, accountability, and coaching. Each week, Lacy will ask you to set weekly marketing goals and then will follow up to find out what you achieved. Lacy will also provide coaching and support through three monthly group coaching calls and regular support inside the group. She can even review your plan and your content — putting her expert copywriting and strategic brain on your business.

In addition, you’ll have access to Lacy’s full library of templates, worksheets, and swipe files on more than 25 additional marketing topics. You’ll also get lifetime access to the full DIY version of the CIA system that you can revisit at any time, including guided brainstorming audios, worksheets, and more. 

Finally, you can choose to be paired with an accountability buddy inside the group (optional) for additional accountability and support. 




Lacy Boggs

In case you don’t know me, I’m Lacy, and I developed this proprietary content planning system to use with the six and seven-figure clients of my content consulting agency. It’s also the same system I’ve used to grow my own business over the past seven years, triple my email list — TWICE — and evolve my business from being a solo freelancer to having a powerhouse 10-woman team. 

In other words, I’m not just the Director of Content Direction Agency — I’m also a power user of this system! 

CIA in 90 Days is the fast track way to implement my system for developing a content strategy — and get my brain on your business and my answers to your questions without working with me one-on-one.


  • 1 group VIP day, in which we will brainstorm, plan, and produce your content calendar for the next 90 days. 
    Valued at $3,000
  • Done-for-you templates, worksheets, and swipe files to help create your 90-day content plan. 
    Valued at $399
  • 3 monthly group coaching calls to discuss goals, answer questions, and troubleshoot any issues. 
    Valued at $900
  • Access to our private group where you can interact with Lacy and other like-minded entrepreneurs to get your questions answered as they come up. Lacy will even be available to read and review content.
    Valued at $900
  • An accountability partner (optional) to support each other in reaching your content goals.
Content Upgrades Workshop


  • 4 Advanced Content Workshops including:

    • How to Grow Your List with Joint Venture Webinars

    • How to Grow Your List with Content Upgrades

    • How to Promote your Content (without spending thousands on advertising)

    • NEW! SEO for List Building 

  • LIVE workshop watch parties inside the Facebook group with Lacy to get your questions answered

    All valued at $399


  • Complete access to the DIY version of Content Direction Agency, including all five audio modules, all the worksheets, and the bonus content.
    Valued at $399

  • 201 done-for-you blog post ideas organized into a searchable spreadsheet — so you never wonder what to blog about again!

  • 4 valuable bonus guest interviews with transcriptions and worksheets.

  • And lifetime access to the Eyes Only Member Library — with resources on more than 25 additional topics including worksheets, swipe files, video interviews, and exclusive content not available anywhere else.

With all this valuable material, this course and the bonuses are valued at more than $4,000.

And if you wanted to work with me one-on-one to develop a custom content strategy for your business, well, that service starts at $3,500.

But you can get the same exact system, framework, tools, and ideas I use with my one-on-one  clients, plus my brain on your business for 90 days… 

For just $4,000 $1297 or two payments of $675.

Want to bring a team member?

We understand that teamwork makes the dreamwork! We want you to feel like you can bring your biz bestie so that everyone understands the plan and knows how to work it — so we're offering a special "bring a team member" rate: Just $497 for an additional person after you secure your first seat! (Complete the purchase for your seat for CIA in 90 Days, you'll be given the option to add a team member on the next page — it's that easy!)

CIA in 90 Days is perfect for you if:

  • You are a small business owner with a proven successful product or service that gets results for your clients and customers. 
  • You produce blogs, videos, podcasts, live video, articles, social media content, and/or emails to support your business. 
  • You’re planning a launch or promotion in the next two quarters. 
  • You have TONS of content ideas, but struggle to see the big picture and put them into a cohesive marketing plan that drives sales.
  • You feel all over the place trying to produce content for the many different channels and networks your business has a presence on.
  • You’re feeling burned out on content because it feels like it’s all been said and done before.
  • You want to delegate more content tasks to your VA or team, but it’s a hot mess because nobody has a plan to follow. (Don't forget our special "bring a team member" rate to bring someone along to learn with you!)
  • You want to stand out in your marketplace and become known as a thought leader in your niche.
  • You want to improve your sales funnels, attracting more qualified leads to generate more sales and revenue to grow your business.
  • You dream of hiring someone to take over your marketing for you — but you don’t have the budget to hire a full time marketing person just yet.

But you should probably know: CIA in 90 Days is not a good fit if…

  • You’re not willing to put in the work. Strategy without action will get you exactly nowhere.
  • You don’t have a proven product or service. Focus on getting that product/market fit right first and then we can help you grow and scale your message.
  • You’re a jerk. (We don’t like to work with jerks!)



You don’t want to be just another voice in all the noise online; you want to make a real contribution with your content. CIA in 90 Days shows you how to make your content stand out and get standing ovations from your audience through guided brainstorming, coaching, and content planning to ensure that every piece of content you create is working as hard for your business as you are. 

Focus your attention on what’s important and you’ll see results. 


01 When does it start and how long does it last?

CIA in 90 Days happens in two parts: The first part is our group VIP planning day. (We’ll send you a full schedule once you’re registered!) On that day, Lacy will guide participants through creating their content marketing plan for the next 90 days.

The second part of the program takes place in our private group for the following 90 days. Inside the group, Lacy will post weekly accountability updates, share additional resources, and be available to answer questions and even review content. In addition, there will be 3 monthly group coaching calls during which you can ask your questions and get answers in real time.

02 What if I can’t attend the VIP planning day, or if I can’t attend the whole thing?

We highly recommended that you clear your schedule and attend the planning day if at all possible — after all, that’s where the magic happens!  However, if you cannot attend or have to leave and come back during the planning day, the entire session will be recorded, and you can watch and review the session at any time. You absolutely CAN do the planning on another day, on your own and ask Lacy questions in the private group; but there’s a certain alchemy that happens when working with the group. 

03 I have a product-based business. Will this work for me?

Yes indeedy! The system I teach inside CIA for using content to drive sales works whether you sell physical products, info products, or services and it works whether you use a launch format or have products that are evergreen and available year-round. (In fact, we have experience planning and creating content for a seven-figure product based business, so we know it works!)

04 I’m trying to plan my next launch. Will this help?

Absolutely. You can use our VIP planning day specifically to plan out the content you’ll need for your next launch including a webinar, a challenge, an email course, sales emails, landing pages, sales pages — the lot. You can even get Lacy’s expert opinion on how to structure your launch for maximum sales.

05 I don’t launch — I have an evergreen product or service. Will this work for me?

Yep! In fact, putting the CIA system to work for your content can probably help you drive sales, because we will show you how to use the system to create mini sales cycles with your content — even if you’re selling the same product or service all the time.  

06 I’m a blogger/podcaster/YouTuber/influencer, but I don’t sell my own products or services. Is this for me? 

Unfortunately, no. CIA in 90 Days is specifically for people creating content that supports their own product or services. What you do is a different business model, and we’re not the best fit for you.

07 I haven’t started selling anything for my business yet, but I know I will need content strategy. Is this for me? 

That is up to you; the program was designed for business owners who already have a business and success selling their product or service. However, I understand that some business owners like to have everything ready to go strategically before they launch — so I leave that decision up to you!

08 What's your refund policy?

Because this is a LIVE event, we do not offer any refunds for CIA in 90 Days. However, if you're struggling to implement or see the value of your investment, I encourage you to reach out to me and let me help you. It is always our intention that our students and clients see a VERY positive ROI on their investments, and I would love to help you get there when you choose to work with us!

09 "CIA" — did you do that on purpose?