How Do I Find a Blog Writer? 5 Important Tips

You’ve realized that you don’t have to write all your own blog posts and decided that it’s time to outsource some of your content creation — but how to find a blog writer that fits your needs and your company’s brand voice?

If you’ve never hired a blog writer before, it can be tricky and a little confusing to try to figure it out. Do you go for the cheapest option? (I have thoughts on how much you should pay a blog writer here.) Ask for recommendations from friends? …

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The Elephant In the Room: You Don’t Have to Write Your Own Blog Posts

As I spoke, her eyes got wider and wider in amazement and disbelief.

“You can do that?” she said in an awed whisper. “But isn’t that like… cheating?”

“Not at all,” I responded with a bit of a forced smile. “Loads of businesses hire a writer to help them write their blog posts.”

When I got started in this line of work, calling myself a ghostblogger, that was the reaction of many of my potential clients.

Even today, the idea that you might hire a copywriter to write your website copy, or some emails for …

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Does Your Newsletter Serve a Purpose?

Here are the cold hard facts:

Most small businesses aren’t using their email newsletter to their best advantage.

If we take a stroll down memory lane, we might remember that way back in the dear dead days of early websites and blogging, email newsletters — and blogs themselves — were a novelty. We were excited to sign up to hear from businesses and people we wanted to engage with.

Then, automation and marketing tactics took over. Suddenly, we’ve reached a place of serious email overwhelm. Many businesses require an email address to interact …

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How to Get Back On Track with Content Marketing

When I ask business owners what their biggest struggle with content is, the number one answer I get is: CONSISTENCY.

And I get it; especially when you’re a solopreneur, or wearing the hat of “marketing director” on top of all your other hats, it’s easy for weekly content creation and distribution to fall off your to do list. It’s often in that “important but not urgent” box, if you’re familiar with Stephen Covey’s work, and falls behind whatever urgent tasks pop up in your inbox every day.

If you find yourself in …

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