Is Your Blog Promotion Strategy Stuck in the Dark Ages?

Last week, I saw an open letter published on Huffington Post from a website I used to write for addressed to Facebook. 

Facebook had, without warning or announcement, completely shut down their business page. And this company’s entire business model is predicated on driving traffic from Facebook (and other sources) to their website. More often than not, they paid for the privilege of reaching their fans and followers with their content. 

And then one day, Facebook pulled the rug out from under them and said, “Nope.”  

All the posts on their page disappeared. Fans trying …

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New Free Ebook: What is Brand Voice? The Blogger’s Ultimate Guide

Have you ever wondered how you could go about finding your brand voice? 

Last week I shared some links to some fun tools that can try to “analyze” your writing voice — as best a computer algorithm can. 

But as some commenters noted, computers can only go so far. They’re only as good as the humans who programmed them, and voice is something solidly human, and thus very hard to quantify with ones and zeroes.

The only one who …

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