17 Powerful Content Marketing Worksheets

17 Powerful Content Marketing Worksheets for Better Content in 2017

Last January, I opened up the vaults and shared my 13 most popular content marketing worksheets in one post for you to download, so I thought I would do so again this year — except this time, in honor of 2017, I picked the 17 most popular downloads from last year.

Please note: You do have to opt-in for each worksheet individually if you do so from here (so that my system knows what to send you!) but as long as you use the same email address, it will all be …

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3 Ways Content Upgrades Add Massive Value to Your Business

Many times, when I mention the idea of creating content upgrades to a client, I get a little pushback right off the bat.

They love the idea of getting more leads, being able to segment their list by interest, and even providing more value to their readers…

…but what they don’t love is the idea of how much extra time and effort they think it will take.

The thing that I always want to help them understand, is how much value those content upgrades will provide for their business — not just their …

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Plan Your Blog Posts for Lead Generation: 5 Ideas Most Bloggers Miss

Content upgrades aren’t the only way to plan your blog posts for lead generation; in fact, if you begin and end with the content upgrade without any other strategy, you may find your blog post lead generation strategy goes awry. 

Content upgrades are one of the best ways to convert readers into subscribers, and there are many types of content upgrades that will work to drive opt-ins, but they have to be part of a bigger overall strategy in order to generate quality leads that will eventually convert into sales.

And …

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how and why the best content upgrades work so well

Why and How the BEST Content Upgrades Work So Well

 OK, so you’ve decided to add content upgrades to your content marketing strategy, but you want to do it right. You need to know how the best content upgrades work, and how to make them work for you.

Why and how do the best content upgrades work?

In the previous post, I talked about why content upgrades work in general.  The tl;dr version: it’s because they provide additional value to the reader right when and where they need it.

But I also suggested that it needs to work for you and your business. …

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