Relationships are the Key to Influencer Marketing

I had a real mindset shift in how I think about influencer marketing recently.

See, I bet many of you feel a little awkward or embarrassed or nervous about influencer marketing because it involves asking a big shot (aka: someone you totally admire in your field) to read and recommend your stuff. And it feels… WEIRD, right? Like you’re saying, “Hey! Check out how awesome I am (even though I’m totally a nobody pay no attention to the entrepreneur behind the curtain)…”

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Is Your Blog Promotion Strategy Stuck in the Dark Ages?

Last week, I saw an open letter published on Huffington Post from a website I used to write for addressed to Facebook. 

Facebook had, without warning or announcement, completely shut down their business page. And this company’s entire business model is predicated on driving traffic from Facebook (and other sources) to their website. More often than not, they paid for the privilege of reaching their fans and followers with their content. 

And then one day, Facebook pulled the rug out from under them and said, “Nope.”  

All the posts on their page disappeared. Fans trying …

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3 Ways Content Upgrades Add Massive Value to Your Business

Many times, when I mention the idea of creating content upgrades to a client, I get a little pushback right off the bat.

They love the idea of getting more leads, being able to segment their list by interest, and even providing more value to their readers…

…but what they don’t love is the idea of how much extra time and effort they think it will take.

The thing that I always want to help them understand, is how much value those content upgrades will provide for their business — not just their …

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