Simple Tools to Help You Rank Guest Blogging Opportunities

4 Simple Tools to Help You Rank Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest posting is not the be-all and end-all promotional strategy some blogging gurus make it out to be.

Can it work to grow your audience and your list? Absolutely.

Can it also fizzle and be a lot of work for not much reward?


When clients book me for my Strategy Sessions, they are often looking for strategic ways to get their blogs in front of a larger audience, so one of the first questions I ask them is, “What would be a dream guest blogging opportunity for you?”

And I almost always hear, “Huffington …

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RIPPED from the Headlines: Writing a Timely Blog {Blogspiration}

I had a client recently who wanted to pitch a guest post to a really big website—she had some good ideas, but I knew they wouldn’t be accepted because they were missing one key ingredient:

There was no reason why the editors needed to publish her article right now.

What her article needed was something to keep it timely.

Ripped from the headlines!

Take a look at your favorite magazine or news site and see what’s happening in the news.  Is there a way you could use one of those headlines as a …

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Blogspiration: Case Study

This week, I noticed two of the services I use were soliciting me to write a case study.  Check it out:

Buffer, a social media scheduling application, had this in their newsletter:

P.S. We’re amazed when we hear the interesting and clever ways people use Buffer. We’d love to hear your story (just hit reply) if Buffer has helped you meet your business goals or made your life easier. As always with our emails, we’ll reply personally to every single response. 🙂

And Podio, a collaborative work platform, actually sent out …

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How to Submit A Guest Blog: Two Real Emails Examined

As a writer and editor for several food-related and green-minded websites, I get pitches from people wanting to submit a guest blog pretty regularly. I thought we’d take a look at one guestblogger email that worked, one that didn’t, and why.

First, let’s see if you can guess which is …

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