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Turn Your Epic Content Into Your Next Product

If you’re writing great blog posts, but not doing anything with them after you hit “publish” you could be leaving THOUSANDS of dollars on the table.

Here’s the thing: You’re already putting hours of time into creating content for your blog that supports your business. And hopefully, you’re using it as the nexus of your social media strategy as well, and promoting it around the web.

But what is that content doing for you in the weeks and months after …

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You CAN Jump on the Adaptive Content Trend as a Micro Business

Here’s a secret that nobody knows: When you’re writing a blog post, you’re not actually writing it just for your blog.

Think about it: If you publish a blog post, hopefully you’re also posting about it on Facebook and Twitter, maybe pinning it to Pinterest or sharing it on LinkedIn or Google+. That’s sort of the bare minimum of content promotion. And chances are, you grab a sentence or two for the link description on those sites.

And maybe, if you’re smart, you’re using a plugin like Yoast to set the meta title …

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Is Your Content Worthy of a Second Click?

There’s so much emphasis placed on getting the coveted click.

We measure click-thru rates, likes, and upvotes.  We worry about how much traffic a post gets — how many visits, how many eyeballs.  We flaunt our “most popular” content in sidebar widgets and rely on algorithms to retweet, republish, and rehash our most popular messages.

But is the popularity contest really what we want to …

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