13 free content marketing worksheets

13 Free Content Marketing Worksheets to Make 2016 Your Best Content Year Ever

Over the course of 2015, I decided to try experimenting with content upgrades — that is, actionable free content marketing worksheets that go along with the content or topic of a blog post, and are accessed via a download. 

The results? AMAZING!  

Content upgrades were the biggest driver for my email opt-ins in 2015, and I earned myself not just a lot of new sign-ups, but a lot of true fans, who have written to tell me how useful the worksheets are.

So, in case you’re new, or you may have …

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advanced blogging with a repurpose plan

Advanced Blogging: Creating Your Repurpose Plan

You’ve spent a lot of time and energy crafting an EPIC post. You’ve spent time researching, maybe reaching out to influencers, writing and rewriting, publishing and promoting this post.

Hopefully when you publish and promote, you get some good buzz happening.  Maybe it lasts for a week or so — two if you’re lucky.

Then what?

You spent hours of your time crafting this piece and now… it’s just going to languish on your blog getting buried further and further down, …

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Scary Facts About Blogging

Gather ’round the campfire, kids. Halloween is coming and I’ve got some spooooooooky tales to spin about the myths and scary facts about blogging that you may not want to hear… 

(But you totally NEED to hear them, so pull up a flashlight and keep …

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blog writing products

Turn Your Epic Content Into Your Next Product

If you’re writing great blog posts, but not doing anything with them after you hit “publish” you could be leaving THOUSANDS of dollars on the table.

Here’s the thing: You’re already putting hours of time into creating content for your blog that supports your business. And hopefully, you’re using it as the nexus of your social media strategy as well, and promoting it around the web.

But what is that content doing for you in the weeks and months after …

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