Perfect Product Launches

The Hero’s Framework for Perfect Product Launches

Are you a hero?

Do you swoop in to save the day for your customers?

Can you see through client problems as though you had X-Ray vision?

Are your products a veritable philosopher’s stone, turning even the most mundane objects into gold?

If so, I have bad news for you:

You’re not the hero your customers need right now … even if you’re the one they …

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ROI blog post

What is a Blog Post Worth to Your Business? How to Calculate ROI of a Blog Post

How serious are you about using your blog to grow your business?

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on debunking the myth that you can’t sell from your blog. (You totally can, you just have to do it right.) Hopefully by now you’re convinced that your blog is an important part of your launch and sales strategy.

But do you actually know how much a blog post is worth to your business? Can you put a number on it? That’s the ROI of a blog post — …

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improve content business blogging

5 Questions to Improve Your Content Immediately

Engaging with you is a privilege.

No, don’t blush — I’m serious!

If I have earned the right to write to you, speak to you, engage your mind for a few moments, and yes, even market to you, that is a privilege. As a content marketer, your attention, your interest, your trust are all extremely valuable to me. Perhaps even more valuable than a sale.

A sale is a single transaction, after all, but what I’m really after is a relationship, and that requires many interactions over …

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business blog

Free Launch Content Checklist for Content That Sells

How much content do you need to actually launch and sell a product?

It’s a big question.  Some internet marketers create tens of thousands of words of content to launch a new product. For example, Ramit Sethi once sent 23 emails over more than a month — 17,000+ words — to sell a course.  

That’s serious Jedi-level content marketing, there.

But Ramit also has a team to help him — and not every product or launch requires that volume of content to make good sales.

What I see very often is …

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