Has Your Marketing Jumped the Shark?

I don’t like scary things.  

My dad and my sister loved scary movies, roller coasters, haunted houses — but not me. Ask my husband about the time he tricked me into riding the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. (I kept my eyes tight shut the entire time!)

But last year I got sucked into watching Stranger Things on Netflix. It started out as more of a mystery than a horror, and it’s not super gross and gory, so I got sucked in. But I did find myself getting more and more anxious …

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How to Build an Online Audience From Scratch with Rebecca Tracey

If you’re a newer business owner and been wondering Why doesn’t content marketing work for me the way it seems to work for everybody else? this video is for you!

I sat down with Rebecca Tracey of Uncage Your Business to talk about what you should be doing INSTEAD of blogging or spending hours crafting beautiful Instagram images or wasting all your time on Facebook!

In this chat, we talk about all kinds of valuable stuff, including the most important things you should be doing in your business BEFORE you start blogging, what you …

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Go from Overwhelmed to Excited for Your Next Launch

I’ve got a confession to make:

I’m a HUGE nerd.

Maybe that’s not a surprise to you.  I’m a word nerd (obviously) and a more traditional nerd (DOCTOR WHO! HARRY POTTER! STAR TREK! X-FILES!), but I’m also a total nerd about content marketing.

So it’s kind of no surprise that one of my first Strategy Session clients told me after I delivered her report, “It’s like you just handed a gourmet recipe to a novice cook.”  


I had geeked out a little TOO much. Luckily, a Strategy Session is full service, and …

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Why Online Launches Fail

As online business owners, I think a lot of us have had our heads turned by stories of people who have five, six, even seven-figure launches for their businesses. These Cinderella success stories are so compelling, and they seem to be EVERYWHERE!

But the fact is, despite all the success stories you may have seen or heard, a LOT of online launches fail. Or, if they don’t outright FAIL, they certainly don’t live up to goals or …

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