KPIs for Content Marketing

KPI for Content Marketing and the Allure of Vanity Metrics

So far, we’ve established that in order to be successful with content marketing in your business, you need to focus on strategic execution — that sweet spot between strategy and tactics — and that in order to come up with a strategy you can execute on, you must first understand your content marketing goals.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’ve gotten both those steps down: How will you know if your strategic execution is working as you go along?

The answer is …

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5ws of creating your editorial calendar

The 5Ws of Creating Your Blog Editorial Calendar

What’s standing between you and content that improves your sales?

It could be that you just need to understand and create a framework for your content that will lead people toward a sale. 

So I thought I would share a full hour-long training on the subject this week — totally free (and no opt-in!) for the first time …

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ultimate business blogging plan guide

The Ultimate Business Blogging Plan Guide

Business doesn’t happen by accident.

You know this.  You have to make a plan for your business if you want to be successful — what you’re going to sell, who you’re going to sell it to, how you’re going to deliver it, etc.

Yet people approach business blogging without a plan all the time.

And then they’re surprised when their blogging doesn’t lead to more sales for their business.

**insert extremely skeptical emoji here**

I don’t want you to be one of those business owners — wasting tons of time (and therefore money) writing blog posts …

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Think One Lead Magnet is Enough? Think Again

For most of my audience, the idea of offering an opt-in offer, lead magnet, or ethical bribe (whatever you want to call it) to encourage people to join your email list is old news.  

You know that people aren’t likely to be enticed just by the thought of an “email newsletter” any more (that’s soooo 2004…). 

So, when the offer of a simple newsletter stopped working, marketers evolved their tactics. They started offering ebooks, courses, checklists, and videos — basically a piece of premium content in exchange for a reader’s email …

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