Beyond the Slide Deck: Everything ELSE You Need for a Successful Webinar

You’re planning a webinar to add new subscribers to your email list, to promote an affiliate offer, or to sell your latest and greatest thing.

You’ve got a gorgeous slide deck, you’ve practiced your presentation and your pitch is on point.

You’ve even tested your tech extensively and made sure there will be no gremlins interrupting you on webinar day.

But delivering a successful webinar goes way beyond having a pretty slide deck, an interesting presentation, and a strong pitch.

In fact, there’s a TON of additional content you need to create to support …

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The Case of the $300,000 Email

Still wondering what the ROI of blogging and email newsletters might be? One of our clients discovered the massive value consistent content marketing had for their business, and the importance of authentic …

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Are Webinars Still Relevant?

When was the last time you watched a webinar?

No, seriously. I’m curious! Hit me up in the comments and let me know.

For me, it was a couple of months ago. A sales strategist I know offered a paid webinar, and I ponied up my $10 to watch — and I think it was well worth my dollas to learn from her.

I used to watch a ton of webinars; I always figured, who am I to turn down free learning!  But then I started to get burned out on them. They …

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The Basics of a Content Marketing Funnel

If you’ve spent ANY time in online marketing circles, you’ve heard of a marketing “funnel.”

But most online marketing funnels aren’t like the funnel you might use to pour water into a jug or glitter into a little jar. For a funnel to work in real life, it has to be solid — but online marketing funnels are full of holes!

Whenever I have the “numbers conversation” with a client, we talk about how you might only get 1 percent of the total people that see your offer to buy. That’s considered …

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