Big Changes (and a Great Deal) for Blogstorm

I’ve got a big announcement to make!

Blogstorm — my signature course for helping you get UNstuck and create a plan and calendar that work for your blog — is going evergreen!

In 2014, I ran Blogstorm twice for more than 60 amazing entrepreneurs, and I ran it as a live course, I took three weeks to drip out the content, and we did some live Q&A coaching calls.

But after receiving some feedback, I realized that might not be the best format for this course.

So, based on the feedback I’ve received, …

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3 Powerful Questions to Ask Your Blog Audience

A blog should be a conversation.

I’m not talking about comments, necessarily.  Yes, comments are awesome (who doesn’t love getting comments on her blog?!?), and they’re a big part of building a culture around your business and blog, but comments aren’t the only way to have a conversation with your blog audience.

Your blog should be a conversation.

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We have to engage our audiences outside the comments section, too.

Jon Morrow tells a powerful story about asking a simple question — What do …

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{Blogspiration}: Let Readers Know a More Powerful Tool Exists

If you are doing business in a crowded field, or if you’re a newcomer to a particular niche, it can seem daunting. How do you get customers who are used to doing something one way to try something new?

Last week we talked about comparing your solution to another solution (and coming out on top), but sometimes you have to go one step further than that.

Write a blog post letting your competitor’s customers know a more powerful tool exists.

Let’s …

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